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It has been so long since Lindsay has blogged, I don't know if there is enough room to write all of the things that have gone on. Lets start with an update about my job. I have been selected to work in the Air Traffic Control Tower in Memphis. This is great news to us, even though I was hoping to work in an En route Center. Still it keeps us close to family and in a city that we are somewhat familiar with. As far as the scenery in Memphis...looks like we will vacation in Eastern Tennessee. Maybe the history and culture in Memphis will keep us occupied for years to come. We also know that we will be going to Oklahoma City for 8 weeks in preparation for the new career. After believing that we wouldn't leave until Christmas, it now appears that we might be leaving within 2 months. That is exciting.

With the new job comes the challenge to lose weight. We have decided to become a fit couple for our new city life. The best way to get that for us is South beach diet. Turns out, Lindsay wasn't as far from her target weight as I am, so I guess that I will continue with my low carb lifestyle alone.

Our new challenge, other than getting me to study for OK City, is finding acceptable lodging in or around Memphis, TN. We have been visiting Memphis every other weekend for the past couple of months and have narrowed to one apartment on Mud Island and 4 apartments in Germantown/Collierville. We would love some help with this decision if anyone would like to chime in...anyone...anyone?

We are starting to realize, much like we did when we left PA, that we are going to be leaving friends behind in Paragould who we spend a lot of time with and are really just beginning to get to know. Of course we will keep up, and will see them some, but the fact remains that it won't be the same. Thanks to all in XL's share group that support us, pray for us, and laugh with us. God has blessed us in so many ways.

Speaking of...I would like to take this opportunity (the first and probably last of my blogging experience) to give praise to my wife. God has chosen to give me a friend that seems to be willing to stick with me through more than she should have to. Thanks. I love you. I can't wait to explore new lands with you, and try out all of the restaurants with you, and visit Graceland over and over with you!