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I Really Miss My Daddy!!!
(a post "written" by Graham)

We have been at Nana and Pap's for a few days. I am really starting to rock when I am on hands and knees. I think I'll wait till Daddy gets here to show everyone how awesome I am.

Look what Nana made me! This sweater is really keeping me warm. It was in the teens when we woke up on Monday and we had freezing rain today. I ate lunch with Pap today and chomped on a carrot. It really felt good on my gums. I can't wait till these teeth break through. Maybe they will give me some real food instead of this old rice cereal. I hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families!!!! I can't wait to see my Dad on Thursday. Love you!


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If only I COULD dance that well. Boy, Graham has some moves. Matthew is a pretty good back up dancer too! I hope you laughed as hard as I did.


High Ho Silver, Away!

This video is pretty funny! Graham loves to hit his pony to make it go! Graham is really a lot of fun these days.

Here is a little seven month update: He is rolling all over the living room to get to the toys he wants. He is trying really hard to get on hands and knees and rocks till he falls over. He gets upset when you take a toy away. Not much for the trade either. He is trying to pull up on the aquarium and mirror. He loves to talk to himself in the mirror and play "Where's Graham." His squeal really cracks us up. He loves his daddy to tickle him. This last week, he has nursed every 2 hours at night. We are all hoping it is just the teeth he is working on. He loves to sleep on his tummy in the crib. If he is sleeping with us he still likes his back. Crawling Pooh is his favorite toy right now. He smiles so big each time Pooh takes off. We can't wait to see what Graham will accomplish this month.


First Fire of the Year

Excuse the Seinfeld episode in the background. Points for naming it....?


Adding Solid Food to the Mix

He gets so excited! He isn't trying to get away.

We started with a piece of banana on Wednesday and added rice cereal on Friday. He is really enjoying it. I have been trying to take it really slow, but when he loves it so much it is really hard to stop. Here are a few pictures and a video of the event!


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Matthew and I have always loved Christmas, but we don't really get into it like most people. In the seven years we have been married we have only decorated our home once. We had a fantastic "real" tree in our first apartment in Paragould. Matthew doesn't even remember living in the apartment let alone decorating for Christmas. Each year after that I realized that a Farmer and Teacher have the entire two week holiday off so we end up at our parent's houses. Why decorate if you aren't around to enjoy it. Right?
The other quirky thing about us is: we don't buy each other presents. I think we did the very first year, but never after that. Seems like he bought me Pjs and a beautiful pair of earrings. I have no idea what I got him. Funny thing is we do buy at least one ornament to add to the tree each year. Very ironic that we don't put up a tree.......

Long story, to say when you have a kid things change. I felt like we needed to start Graham off right. The doughnut is for the year Matthew spent on the doughnut crew at Wal-mart. Some of his best memories. The Fishin' Santa is the Summer we lived with the Horner's and Matthew fished almost everyday.

The Puffin was bought at a little gift shop on Fox Island. We went to Alaska for our honeymoon.
I got this little Eskimo for Matthew the first Christmas that we were together, before we were married. I had Graham's first Christmas ornament on here but it seems to have disappeared. I hope everyone is gearing up for a great holiday with family. Safe travels to all!


Pretty Lil' Numbers

Just finished these fun little bags for Aunt Jennie to give as Christmas presents. I made a diaper bag for myself the other day, then I decided to make each of my nieces a bag. Oh how Belle and Lily love to wag bags around filled with all of their prized possessions.... Aunt Jennie saw Lil's and asked if I could make some for her for Christmas. I'm pretty proud of the final product. The purple bags are a candy print. A little Charlie and Chocolate Factoryish. The bottoms are chenille. I don't have a monogram machine, but think I did pretty well for free hand. Maggie's is a pink, brown, and lime green paisley with a hot pink bottom. Each bag has two interior pockets. I hope Sarah, Lucy, and Maggie enjoy there's as much as Belle and Lily are. Hope everyone has a great day!!