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I Really Miss My Daddy!!!
(a post "written" by Graham)

We have been at Nana and Pap's for a few days. I am really starting to rock when I am on hands and knees. I think I'll wait till Daddy gets here to show everyone how awesome I am.

Look what Nana made me! This sweater is really keeping me warm. It was in the teens when we woke up on Monday and we had freezing rain today. I ate lunch with Pap today and chomped on a carrot. It really felt good on my gums. I can't wait till these teeth break through. Maybe they will give me some real food instead of this old rice cereal. I hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families!!!! I can't wait to see my Dad on Thursday. Love you!


Send your own ElfYourself eCards

If only I COULD dance that well. Boy, Graham has some moves. Matthew is a pretty good back up dancer too! I hope you laughed as hard as I did.


High Ho Silver, Away!

This video is pretty funny! Graham loves to hit his pony to make it go! Graham is really a lot of fun these days.

Here is a little seven month update: He is rolling all over the living room to get to the toys he wants. He is trying really hard to get on hands and knees and rocks till he falls over. He gets upset when you take a toy away. Not much for the trade either. He is trying to pull up on the aquarium and mirror. He loves to talk to himself in the mirror and play "Where's Graham." His squeal really cracks us up. He loves his daddy to tickle him. This last week, he has nursed every 2 hours at night. We are all hoping it is just the teeth he is working on. He loves to sleep on his tummy in the crib. If he is sleeping with us he still likes his back. Crawling Pooh is his favorite toy right now. He smiles so big each time Pooh takes off. We can't wait to see what Graham will accomplish this month.


First Fire of the Year

Excuse the Seinfeld episode in the background. Points for naming it....?


Adding Solid Food to the Mix

He gets so excited! He isn't trying to get away.

We started with a piece of banana on Wednesday and added rice cereal on Friday. He is really enjoying it. I have been trying to take it really slow, but when he loves it so much it is really hard to stop. Here are a few pictures and a video of the event!


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Matthew and I have always loved Christmas, but we don't really get into it like most people. In the seven years we have been married we have only decorated our home once. We had a fantastic "real" tree in our first apartment in Paragould. Matthew doesn't even remember living in the apartment let alone decorating for Christmas. Each year after that I realized that a Farmer and Teacher have the entire two week holiday off so we end up at our parent's houses. Why decorate if you aren't around to enjoy it. Right?
The other quirky thing about us is: we don't buy each other presents. I think we did the very first year, but never after that. Seems like he bought me Pjs and a beautiful pair of earrings. I have no idea what I got him. Funny thing is we do buy at least one ornament to add to the tree each year. Very ironic that we don't put up a tree.......

Long story, to say when you have a kid things change. I felt like we needed to start Graham off right. The doughnut is for the year Matthew spent on the doughnut crew at Wal-mart. Some of his best memories. The Fishin' Santa is the Summer we lived with the Horner's and Matthew fished almost everyday.

The Puffin was bought at a little gift shop on Fox Island. We went to Alaska for our honeymoon.
I got this little Eskimo for Matthew the first Christmas that we were together, before we were married. I had Graham's first Christmas ornament on here but it seems to have disappeared. I hope everyone is gearing up for a great holiday with family. Safe travels to all!


Pretty Lil' Numbers

Just finished these fun little bags for Aunt Jennie to give as Christmas presents. I made a diaper bag for myself the other day, then I decided to make each of my nieces a bag. Oh how Belle and Lily love to wag bags around filled with all of their prized possessions.... Aunt Jennie saw Lil's and asked if I could make some for her for Christmas. I'm pretty proud of the final product. The purple bags are a candy print. A little Charlie and Chocolate Factoryish. The bottoms are chenille. I don't have a monogram machine, but think I did pretty well for free hand. Maggie's is a pink, brown, and lime green paisley with a hot pink bottom. Each bag has two interior pockets. I hope Sarah, Lucy, and Maggie enjoy there's as much as Belle and Lily are. Hope everyone has a great day!!


PrAiSe WaLk
Graham and I went on a "praise walk" last week. My sister-in-law taught her kids to shout "PrAiSe" every time they see a beautiful tree changing colors this fall. I thought that was so neat and we heard "pRaIse" from the backseat only a thousand times on Sunday as we were bringing the girls back from Alabama. It was really sweet! It reminded me of "ooh ahhw." It amazes me that God has given us such a beautiful world to live in. I take this for granted far too often. I really enjoyed the time with God on this particular walk. Graham was a pretty good companion too.

Every time I would bend down to take a picture I was "disappearing. " Every time I came back up to push the stroller a little more, Graham would just cackle and grin.

By the pond near our house. Deer haven!

Almost missed this one. It was tiny!

Love the contrast!

This just screams holiday season!!!
Hope you are all having a great week. Get out for a pRaIsE wAlK before it's too late!


***I went back and updated October. About four new posts on the actual days so you may have to click on Oct. on the right to see all of them. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Fall!!*****

1/2 Birthday
I can't believe you are 6 months old today! You are such a blessing to your daddy and me. We can't thank God enough for letting you join our family. You have already brought such joy to us. You have melted our hearts, sweet boy. I want to list a few things about you so that I won't forget.

1. I love the way you death grip my shirt while you are nursing. (I tell you all the time that I won't put you down before your ready, but still I have to pry your little fingers open every time I put you down to sleep.)
2. I love the way you listen to books at bedtime until you start rubbing your head on the sheets to tell me your finished and ready for sleep.
3. I love the squeal you make when you are playing with your feet.
4. I love to see your face when Daddy walks in every afternoon.
5. I love how you babble in the morning to let us know your ready to start another day.
6. I love how you can sit and play by yourself.
7. I love how you chase the duck around the bathtub using your hands and feet to catch him.
8. I love that you enjoy being outside more than in.
9. I love how you already reach for me.
10. I love that you know what you want, even though it makes it harder for me.
11. I love your smile when we take off your socks or let you be naked for a little while.
12. I love that you relax when I unsnap your jeans.
13. I love your thighs!!
14. I love the way you smile and dive in when you haven't nursed in awhile.
15. I love that you raise your eyebrow just like your daddy.
16. I love the way you study objects and people.
17. I love the way you pat my leg when I sit next to you on the floor. (Like your making sure I am still there.)
18. I love the way you slurp down Tylenol when your teeth are hurting.
19. I love the way you laugh at your daddy.
20. I love your monkey toes.
We love you with all of our hearts! Happy Half Birthday little boy! To celebrate we are going to the Bird's for chili and smores.


Fall Festival @SW

Making fun of my sweet boy, who was just ready to go home. We had a great time with the Kenley's at fall festival. Thanks for letting us tag along. Graham is going to have a lot more fun next year!

The fearless Dragon Slayer (Tanner)

The happy dragon (Easton)

Mr. Charlie Brown (Graham)


Hello, Chuck!

Thanks Mama Jan for the cute outfit! We just couldn't pass it up at Target. I think Graham will be "Chuck" for Halloween this year. I'm excited about all the candy he'll be bringing our way at Trunk and Treat!

Thanks Aunt Stephanie!

First attempt. Didn't really know what to do.

Five minutes later. He loves this thing!!


Pumpkin Hallow 08

We had a great time taking Graham to Pumpkin Hallow this year. We especially enjoyed the awesome lunch at Strawberry's afterward. Best ribs ever!!!! You can't beat the scalloped potatoes either!


Rice Harvest 2008

Matthew and Graham spent the day helping cousin Jason at the farm. Graham played in the rice and had his first four wheeler ride!


Horner Reunion


Look What I Can Do!

I started sitting alone today!

First Night

Graham spent his first night in his new crib, at the end of our bed. He did great! This is the same crib his Mama Jan slept in. We painted it a dark charcoal color. It looks really good with the white bed skirt and polka-dot sheets. He has been sleeping about six hours straight for a week now. He likes to nurse to sleep then exactly 50 minutes later he wants the other side. Then the six hours begin. After another top off he can go about 2 more. Bringing his total "night sleep" to 9 hours. 5:30 is his normal wake up time. During the night he cries out when he wants to eat. At 5:30 he wakes up and babbles. I always know he is finished for the night when he wakes up talking instead of crying. The sad part is when he does this at 3 or 4......He usually ends up in bed with us because I refuse to start the day at this insane hour.