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Six Weeks

I can't believe you have been in our home for 42 nights. You are beginning to sleep 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours at a time at night, but only if you are swaddled. Your favorite way to go to sleep is listening to the bathroom fan, facing out, swaying in front of the big bathroom mirror. You still love bath time especially with your daddy before church. You love to go check the mail in your sling, it puts you right to sleep. Your just starting to smile and coo at us. Your favorite awake time is for about an hour around 8am. We went to visit Dr. S today! Mommy has lost 22lbs. and has been freed to exercise. Look out world the walking is about to start! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stroller, if it isn't too hot. We love you Graham and are so filled with joy. We are so glad God lets us have you for a little while.

Thanks Miss Annette and Mr. Phil, we love the new play quilt! One day it will be our big boy bed quilt, if we don't wear it out first.


Sycamore View Shower

I must say that the women at SVCC are wonderful! This shower was such a blessing. I know that Graham really enjoyed getting to meet everyone. He slept through the whole thing and enjoyed every bit of cuddling that he received. We had such a great time telling birth stories and relaying parenting advice. The food was delicious and Graham received some beautiful new clothes (to grow into), a new diaper bag, lots of books, toys, and blankets. Thank you you so much for loving us and blessing us Sycamore View!
Graham wore this duck onesie to his shower. His Uncle Nick wore it when he was a little guy.
The awesome hostesses. Brandi, Elizabeth, Kathy and Laurie. Thanks Girls!
Elizabeth and Emily worked really hard on this diaper cake. Didn't it turn out awesome?
Once again Elizabeth used her amazing talents to create this wonderful cake. The frosting was delicious and the cake was so moist!!! I got to eat the belly button.


Finally Caught It....


Happy Father's Day

Graham couldn't have a better Daddy! Matthew has just amazed me over the last month. I knew while we were dating that he would be a good daddy, but I never imagined what it would look like on a daily basis. He is so in love with this boy! I have been so blessed to catch him talking so sweetly to Graham as he changes his diaper in the middle of the night. He is so patient while trying to calm Graham during a crying fit. He loves to talk to Graham about fishing. I overheard him telling him exactly how to catch crappie step by step the third day we were home from the hospital.
I know Matthew and Graham are going to have a very special relationship. I am so glad that God blessed me with both of them. I find so much comfort and strength in Matthew and don't know what I would do without him. Thank you for loving me, Matthew. I especially thank you for loving your boy boy!! I'll leave you with a video of a sweet daddy comforting his boy.......


Teddy-n-Graham's Play Date
T.J. and Sammie came over to play today! It was a great surprise. It was so fun to talk to Sammie about mommy stuff. T.J. had a great time reading books. Graham pretty much slept through the whole thing. Thanks so much for stopping by! Graham and I look forward to many more play dates with you guys in the future. Matthew and I hope these boys will get to grow up close friends even though we are in different towns. Can't wait to see you in Paragould on the Fourth of July!


Praise God
Graham experienced his first worship service and bible class this morning. We actually made it on time and we only had to leave twice to nurse! We also got to meet our new pulpit minister and his family today. We are really excited about the plans God has for our church family and the Ross family. Welcome to Tennessee!

Graham ready to eat again. Matthew being a proud daddy.
Mommy and Graham ready for church.


This Week in Review!!

First real bath at exactly 2 weeks. Nana helped! Since then Graham has had 2 more and a shower.
The Austin family came to meet Graham. Thanks for all of the fun guys! Hope you had some luck in the swim suit department! Target was a blast, we'll have to do it again soon.
Shauri sent this great new outfit. Thanks!! Graham wore it on his first trip to the scrap booking store with Nana and Mommy while Matthew was napping. Graham didn't even know he had gone. He slept through the whole trip!

Lastly, a little video. Poor lighting and I didn't catch the beginning of the action. He has done this three different times in the last two days. Hopefully I'll actually catch the whole move soon. We know this is a fluke, but think it's funny.