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Can't get Blogger to load videos...... Hope you can see this!

Graham had a great "family party" at home on his birthday. He loved his cheesecake birthday cake and cheeseburger lunch.


Graham Turns Two

I can't believe my baby is two today! We have been so blessed to watch you grow and learn. I hope you have been just as blessed to call us Mom and Dad. We love you so much Grahamyboy!

What Graham loves to do at 2 years old:
He loves to sing (Itsy bitsy Spider and bible songs are his favorites)
kiss on baby Gentry
check the "crops" every morning
Eat any kind of fruit
Use his new tools
Fish in the swimming pool
Climb the stairs
He told Matthew, "I like Dirt!" while they were planting the garden
He loves to do anything outside
Read bedtime stories and hold Monkey
He can count to 16
He knows his abc's
He still loves baths
He doesn't love milk
He doesn't like mama to brush his teeth
He has started testing the lines we are drawing
He still doesn't sleep through the night but we love "getting" to check in on him and cuddle
He is sleeping in his Great great grandmother's double bed that came over on a boat from England.
He loves his new house and talks about it all the time

Happy Happy Birthday little boy!