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Easter Weekend!

It is so much fun visiting Mama Jan's! We get to stay at a hotel with an indoor pool! The kids really do love it! The entire family came in for the weekend. We spent Friday afternoon at the little park in Oak Grove. Many laughs were had over this very peculiar picnic. Mama Jan really did do a good job planning and providing the food!

Matthew and Shannan with the hurricane force winds, trying to grill!
Jackson picking up the balled up bags for the 1000th time.
Belle all grins on the swing. She tried to feed the horses but they wouldn't go for carrots.
Sweet Lilo!
Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the state park. They rode bikes, played on the playground, rode in the paddle boats, had an Easter egg hunt, and went hiking which included a geo-cache. Wow it sounds crazy after you type it all out! Here is a slide show of the hunt:

Sunday was fantastic! It was the first time we have gotten to worship at Hillcrest since September. It was so good to see so many of our friends. Sorry I didn't get any pictures in our Easter finest, but believe me the kids looked really sweet! Here we are back home in the routine of work and life. Hope you all had a great weekend with family as well!



Mossy Oak Britax Marathon made it today! Thanks Mom and Dad. It is so great! I can't wait to see how it fits in the car!
I am the most excited about this being the only seat we will ever use in Matthew's car! Our boy will get to go straight to a booster seat after he outgrows this one. We all know he won't outgrow it in height and it will be forever before he hits 65 pounds!! I can't wait till Matthew gets home, he'll be so surprised! Thanks again Nana and Pap!


Today's Project!

I think it turned out too big. :( I'll get Matthew's opinion when he gets home from work. This is what we are going to use as a "diaper stacker" on our pack and play changing table. I've also included a picture of twenty-nine weeks!! Eleven to go!! We are really starting to get things in order for our sweet boy. If only we could decide on a name for the poor kid.

The colors on the pack and play and the stacker look better together in person. I guess the flash changed the colors a little.