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I'm Just Plain Giddy!!!

You won't even believe what I'm about to share with you...... If you have followed our blog at all, you are well aware of my love affair with many restaurants. We eat out a lot, too much, really! Matthew and I really enjoy finding those quaint little places in every town we visit or live in. Our greatest infatuation has been with a little place you could only find in the north or in Florida (snowbirds I guess). Every spring they open their doors and give away a free treat to every faithful follower that comes their way. As the weather gets better and days are getting longer I was reminded of this glorious little treat shop. This morning I googled them and discover the best news of the day. In the coming soon section I stumbled upon the little known fact that they are opening one right here in my beloved Collierville!!! Right after we shoot Graham up with his "9 month" shots we will be driving as fast as we can to the doors of our new RITAS!!!!! Sorry everyone but we will be a little late on Friday. I'm sure you understand that we can't pass up this awesome oportunity. Curton family, yes you will be compensated for our late arrival! You don't even know how excited I am!!! Well, Cassandra does!