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An unhappy Eaton

Mr. Eaton is in the back row (left side)

Matthew's ATC class all dressed up like their teacher for Halloween. It freaked him out so much that he canceled class and everyone went to eat breakfast at Red Onion!! Go CCBC class of 2006!


Full Circle

One month three weeks and one day to go! I was looking at some old pictures and thought it would be fun to share how much the scenery has changed in our world this year. I didn't get a good summer picture because it was too fast and we were so busy out enjoying the weather that I forgot to take pictures.


Happy Birthday Honey!!

After we got off work today Matthew and I celebrated his 29th birthday! Unbelievable!! We DON'T DO birthdays so it consisted of buying new tennis shoes and dinner at Outback. (Thanks to Matthew's Mom and Dad!!) On the way home we took the LONG way, practically through Ohio. It was so great to watch the sun go down on the fall foliage. We even drove through a cute state park. God is AWESOME! We got to talk for forever on the way home, which was very exciting. I can't believe another year has slipped away. Matthew, I am so blessed to call you my best friend, other half, partner, and lover. Thank you for making me a better person. I hope that I do the same for you each day. Happy birthday and to another year in this life!!! All my love


Weekend with the kids......

They loved wrestling with Uncle Matty at Aunt Jana's apartment.

Jackson so proud of Buzz Lightyear!!

Belle was not ready for us to leave.

We had an awesome Saturday night with the kids. Matthew and I took Belle with us to pick up the pizza and BAR-B-QUE!! (it's been awhile) She always sings Kelly Clarkston's Breakaway when she rides with Matty. It is precious. Lil did her own show and got lots of laughs for saying "Grandaddy." Jackson was creative as usual, he turned a suction cup into an impression of a bull. He also made Buzz climb the glass door over and over. They are growing up so fast. I am looking forward to living closer to them and seeing our own kids love to play with their cousins.

New Glasses,Day Off and Laundry...

P.F. Chang

Our second night in Nashville, we ate with all the Horner kids and some friends from Florence, AL. This was our first time at P.F. Matthew and I decided to split the Mu Shu Chicken. It was fabulous! At the end of the meal the fortune cookies arrived as usual, but what happened next was VERY interesting. My fortune said A letter of great importance may reach you any day now Matthew's said You will never need to worry about a steady income. As most of you already know almost a year ago we left our family farm and I turned in my teacher's manuals to pursue a new career path. We really felt like God was leading us down this new path, although it wasn't what we had always dreamed of for our family. The next hoop we are waiting to jump through is the actual graduation from the college initiative. Then comes the wait for the infamous letter from the FAA. After we receive that we will be waiting for the call to report to Oklahoma. In the meantime we will need to find temporary jobs at home to sustain us. Does God speak through fortune cookies? Matthew and I both laughed really hard as we traded the fortunes at the table. Our question is where can we turn these in????


This was a very sad day at the Horner's. Rita's is our absolute favorite thing about PA.

This is a family owned franchise that began with a mother son duo. Here is a little history for you: In the summer of 1984 Bob Tumolo and his mother, Elizabeth, were busy experimenting on recipes for Italian water ice. A fresh-squeezed lemon here, some chunks of fruit there - eventually the Tumolos found themselves with quite possibly the best Italian Ice they had ever tasted. (I completely agree!!)

Opening day in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, the response was overwhelming - people really seemed to love it. Word of mouth spread like Italian Ice on a hot summer sidewalk. In 1985, Bob's brother John Tumolo joined the business, and a second location was added in 1987. Today Rita's is the nation's largest Italian Ice chain with more than 390 stores. Rita's features Ices, Cones, Shakes and other Cool Stuff. Rita's Italian Ices are made fresh daily and available in more than 30 different flavors.

The saddest part about Rita's is they are only open from the first day of spring till the beginning of fall. It is up to the individual manager to decide which day to close in October. Our "friend" Cindy is the awesome manager at Chippewa. She decided to close Oct. 8th. This happened to be when we were driving back from Nashville. We left Cracker Barrel that morning thinking that we would have plenty of time to get to Rita's before her final sale of the season, but the nine hour trip drug on and at Wheeling, WV we realized that we would not get our final taste of Rita's (She won't open again until we are back in Arkansas) . So we decided to give Cindy a ring. She has called Matthew Arkansas from the beginning of our relationship. So Matthew says "This is Akansas and I have a little synario for you. We are on our way back from Nashville and will be thirty minutes late. Are you going to be in at all tomorrow? Could we buy some quarts and pick them up later." Sweet Cindy agreed!!!! So Tuesday after work Matthew and I went to Rita's to pick up our purchase. We ended up staying over a hour and getting the grand behind the scenes tour. She also showered us with t-shirts, magnets,car air freshners, a cooler and we ended up with ten quarts of ice for our freezer. Cindy is the best! If we weren't already starting a new career and we had a billion dollars I would seriously consider owning a Rita's franchise.


Tanner Vance
Today Tanner is two years old! It is hard to believe that two years ago we were sitting in Stephanie's house in Maumelle waiting for you to arrive. In your two years you have already brought so much joy to each of us.

Some of Tanner's favorites:
*He loves to sing the Indians fight song
*He plays with balls ALL of the time
*The Wiggles are his favorite band
*He LOVES to sing to his aunts and uncles on the phone
*His animal sounds are priceless (Thanks for all the work Nana)
*He loves "kick" (NICK) and "matt" more than me
*Riding in Pap's (my dad) golf cart
*He loves to read!!!
*He tells lots of stories (also a Pap trait)
*He adores ICE CREAM (vanilla or chocolate)
*He's crazy about the library
*Noah is his favorite bible character
We are so excited about what God has planned for you! Have the best birthday ever Tannerpants and enjoy the zoo. Lots of love uncle Matty and aunt Lindsay


Football in the south...
For some reason Matthew thought he could spend Saturday afternoon in Nashville and not hear a word about the Arkansas Auburn game. Yah right! We weren't four hours into the Zoe conference when Mr. Jimmy Cone walked by and said hey Matt 27-10 Arkansas 2 minutes left. Matthew had already asked Shannan to tape it thinking he would get to watch it without knowing the final score. That would have worked had we been in PA, where nobody cares about the Razorbacks except for the ladies in the Monaca bakery. A couple weeks ago they called the hogs as Matthew walked in the door. I love it!! Go Arkansas!!!

Baby Sister

I just want to say that Cassandra is so thoughtful. We drove through Parkersburg on our way to Nashville this weekend just so we could get a hug as we were filling up with gas. Which is STILL well over $2.25 by the way. Anyway, Cassandra made us warm homemade cookies and the best southern sweet tea I have ever had just for our little roadtrip. That is the kind of stuff I think of, but don't do. If Matthew is on board that it usually happens but it takes "the team" to get something that thoughtful done for someone else around our house. I want to say a huge thank you to my baby sis for making our trip bearable. What a servants heart!! Loving you!


Tanner is going to be a BIG brother !!

I just got off the phone with Stephanie.... They had an ultrasound today to see where the placenta attached, just in case she has to have another emergency c-section. Last time Steph and Dave didn't find out what they were having, but they couldn't resist. Tanner is going to have a little brother in January!!! 15 weeks to go!!! Can't wait to see my new nephew and watch brothers be brothers.


Keystone Sings

By the way we live in the Keystone state hence the name for this special song service. A whole bunch of the area c of cs get together to SING praises to God. It was awesome! The best worship experience I have had since moving here. Probably more my own heart than anything. There were 245 people which is huge for here. It was reminiscent of home. I almost lost my voice tonight. Why is it that we can't do that every service, giving our best and singing at the top of our lungs?? I think that is why I look forward to Zoe so much each year. When you pack in 1200 people that are excited about worship it turns into a heavenly experience. I know that it is hard to have that kind of zeal all of the time but I know that God would appreciate our whole hearts. I am rededicating myself to Him and will no longer whine about how worship just didn't do it for me this morning, because we sang 728b for the fourth Sunday in a row. It isn't about me or even my brothers and sisters in Christ. It is ALL about CHRIST. Sorry for the rant, looking forward to this weekend!