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Tanner Vance
Today Tanner is two years old! It is hard to believe that two years ago we were sitting in Stephanie's house in Maumelle waiting for you to arrive. In your two years you have already brought so much joy to each of us.

Some of Tanner's favorites:
*He loves to sing the Indians fight song
*He plays with balls ALL of the time
*The Wiggles are his favorite band
*He LOVES to sing to his aunts and uncles on the phone
*His animal sounds are priceless (Thanks for all the work Nana)
*He loves "kick" (NICK) and "matt" more than me
*Riding in Pap's (my dad) golf cart
*He loves to read!!!
*He tells lots of stories (also a Pap trait)
*He adores ICE CREAM (vanilla or chocolate)
*He's crazy about the library
*Noah is his favorite bible character
We are so excited about what God has planned for you! Have the best birthday ever Tannerpants and enjoy the zoo. Lots of love uncle Matty and aunt Lindsay


Stephanie said...

How SWEET! You are such a wonderful aunt - thank you for writing about Tanner's big day in your blog. He woke up this morning talking about "cookie cake" and has been telling everyone all day that he is "two." He's also talking about seeing the "pin-gins" (penguins) at the zoo this weekend. Somehow, someway, we will figure out a way to take some pictures and share them with you (I know, I am the WORST about taking pics).

Matthew and Lindsay said...

I know these are such old pictures, but I wanted to surprise you. If you'll email them to me, I'll add them to the blog.