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Finally Home, With Souvenirs!
We had a great move from Oklahoma. Friday morning we surprised the Horners and Grandmother with a themed breakfast! Matthew and I had a ton of fun thinking up "little" things we could serve for breakfast! We bought mini boxes of cereal, (like when you go camping) mini bagels, baby bananas, and served the chocolate milk in baby dixie cups. After the prayer Matthew said this is a themed breakfast, anyone have a guess? Mr. Horner stood up and said: "Are you?" I got to nod and he gave me the biggest hug.

We called Belle Next. She is always asking us when we are going to have a baby. So, we said Hey, Belle Why don't you ask that question that you always ask Aunt Lindsay. She said, I don't know... We said, When are you going to.... She said, have a party! Finally we coaxed her into repeating the question. She laughed and said, I have to tell Jackson. When she got back on the phone I said, Belle are you going to hold the baby when it gets here? She said, Hold it, are you telling me your PREGNANT? Then she said I have to go. We all laughed and said how long till Shannan calls back? It was about 45 seconds.

Saturday afternoon after we had finished climbing the stairs 150 times we finally had all of our things in the apartment. Mom and I ran to Wendy's to grab lunch for everyone. Mom and Dad went out on our balcony to eat since we don't have a dinning room table. I took out a sharpie and two paper towels. Very quickly I wrote BABY HORNER COMING SOON! I folded the "napkins" and ran out on the porch to join them. I asked if they needed napkins. Mom and Dad both reached for the yellow Wendy's napkins and said "NO!" Again I asked if they wanted to use the napkins I had thrown on the table. Still nothing. Finally I said, "Dad I think you SHOULD use your napkin." They both picked them up and read them. They are so excited!

Later I called Steph and asked if I could talk to Tanner. He was asleep so he had to call me back. I said, "Hey Tan how was the football game?" He said some gibberish. So I said, "I need you to say this to Mommy: I'm going to have a cousin." He said, "Hey, Mommy I'm." Then he handed the phone to Steph. I told her I didn't want to talk to her. I need Tanner. This time I had him repeat each word one at a time.

I got to call Cassandra to break the news and Dad ended up convincing Nick that he needed to call his sisters, they each had news to share. Matthew called Jana and told her the stories of the morning. Everybody around here is very excited!

Mom went with me to the doctor on Friday because Matthew had to work, it was only his fifth day of work. We are three months, so we got to hear heartbeat. I recorded it so Matthew could hear it too. We get to add a cousin to this bunch on May 26th!
God has blessed us richly! We are almost finished unpacking, and the holidays are almost here! Sorry about the novel.