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Curton Christmas!
We had a great time at mom and dad's! This year the family was on "B" for gift giving. We are slowly making our way through the alphabet. This is our second year with "the rotating gift" Stephanie and David brought the game: Scene it Squabble. A ton of fun girls against boys with trivia, only the opposite sex would know. It was a "B" because Steph called it Boys Against Girls Squabble. Matthew and I brought the interesting drink: Berry-Cherry Lemonade. Complete with Sonic ice and floating berries. This is the best lemonade ever, but I'm a little bias. Nick didn't like that it left seeds in your teeth. Nick and Caroline made a Big Breakfast Buffet for the interesting snack. The Bertolli Paninis were delicious. We also had Banana Berry Smoothies! Thanks for all the hard work Nick and Caroline! Cassandra and Zach brought the movie, Bourne Ultimatum! Thanks for picking it! The movie was awesome! Dad decided to bend the rules a little this year, instead of everything actually starting with a "B" he bought everything at Bed Bath and Beyond. Three points for him! He was also thoughtful and picked out a very appropriate book for each of us from Barns and Noble. One point for that one! The girls spent a ton of time in the kitchen this year. Thank you Mom for making the traditional Christmas dinner so special. It brought back many childhood memories! Can't wait for "C" my snack is going to be unbelievable so get those appetites ready for next year!


Horner Christmas!
We had the best Christmas yet in Huntsville! We started something new with this side of the family. We are doing a rotating gift.... We each buy a gift for the little kids, but the adults no longer buy for each other. We rotate responsibilities instead. Shannan and Robin provided the MOVIE this year, Santa Clause 3. Jana brought the GAME. It was called Finish Line and was a blast. You had to finish famous quotes, songs, lines from movies, and famous literature lines. All of the adults really enjoyed themselves. Mr. and Mrs. Horner brought the INTERESTING DRINK. Sodas this year! Matthew and I were responsible for the INTERESTING SNACK. We made beggar's purses. These are crescent rolls filled with sausage and cream cheese. They were delicious. Each year your name gets moved down the list so that you are only bringing a movie every four years. It was really fun! Christmas for us is all about spending time with each other so the gift ends up being just that; a time set aside to watch a movie, play a game, and eat and drink a little snack together. We are really looking forward to sharing more time together next year. I'll leave you with a little slide show from the weekend. Merry Christmas everyone!


You Felt the Baby Do What??


That's right baby Horner is up and kicking and Belle can't believe it! I had to start wearing maternity pants to work this week too. Found a great clearance deal at Target, too bad I don't get that discount anymore.


Finally Home, With Souvenirs!
We had a great move from Oklahoma. Friday morning we surprised the Horners and Grandmother with a themed breakfast! Matthew and I had a ton of fun thinking up "little" things we could serve for breakfast! We bought mini boxes of cereal, (like when you go camping) mini bagels, baby bananas, and served the chocolate milk in baby dixie cups. After the prayer Matthew said this is a themed breakfast, anyone have a guess? Mr. Horner stood up and said: "Are you?" I got to nod and he gave me the biggest hug.

We called Belle Next. She is always asking us when we are going to have a baby. So, we said Hey, Belle Why don't you ask that question that you always ask Aunt Lindsay. She said, I don't know... We said, When are you going to.... She said, have a party! Finally we coaxed her into repeating the question. She laughed and said, I have to tell Jackson. When she got back on the phone I said, Belle are you going to hold the baby when it gets here? She said, Hold it, are you telling me your PREGNANT? Then she said I have to go. We all laughed and said how long till Shannan calls back? It was about 45 seconds.

Saturday afternoon after we had finished climbing the stairs 150 times we finally had all of our things in the apartment. Mom and I ran to Wendy's to grab lunch for everyone. Mom and Dad went out on our balcony to eat since we don't have a dinning room table. I took out a sharpie and two paper towels. Very quickly I wrote BABY HORNER COMING SOON! I folded the "napkins" and ran out on the porch to join them. I asked if they needed napkins. Mom and Dad both reached for the yellow Wendy's napkins and said "NO!" Again I asked if they wanted to use the napkins I had thrown on the table. Still nothing. Finally I said, "Dad I think you SHOULD use your napkin." They both picked them up and read them. They are so excited!

Later I called Steph and asked if I could talk to Tanner. He was asleep so he had to call me back. I said, "Hey Tan how was the football game?" He said some gibberish. So I said, "I need you to say this to Mommy: I'm going to have a cousin." He said, "Hey, Mommy I'm." Then he handed the phone to Steph. I told her I didn't want to talk to her. I need Tanner. This time I had him repeat each word one at a time.

I got to call Cassandra to break the news and Dad ended up convincing Nick that he needed to call his sisters, they each had news to share. Matthew called Jana and told her the stories of the morning. Everybody around here is very excited!

Mom went with me to the doctor on Friday because Matthew had to work, it was only his fifth day of work. We are three months, so we got to hear heartbeat. I recorded it so Matthew could hear it too. We get to add a cousin to this bunch on May 26th!
God has blessed us richly! We are almost finished unpacking, and the holidays are almost here! Sorry about the novel.


Happy Halloween!

Not our pets, but still hilarious! We hope you enjoy, Jackson!


What Have Friday Nights Turned Into?
I sit here ALONE in our apartment counting down the hours until Matthew will come home from work. It's about 10pm so only 2 and half hours to go. I haven't even showered yet today and was debating over whether or not to gather up my sudoku book and jump in the tub. During this great relaxing thought I was brought back to reality by the loud laughter and noise going on right outside my back door. I guess some of the neighbors who weren't blessed with the night shift this week have started their weekend of rest. About six o'clock I watched a guy walk by the back door with a case of his beverage of choice for the night. I kind of laughed to myself because immediately I thought: "That would have been a very strange picture if he had been carrying a case of 7up or Pepsi. No one brings a case of soda to a party to consume all by themselves. Nobody sits down and drinks a six pack of DR Pepper's in one evening. Think about all of those calories...." Then immediately after that conversation with myself I thought, how old are you? I am GLAD that my Friday nights are slower now. I'm GLAD that the best thing I have to look forward to is my husband walking through the door. I get to hear about his day and then snuggle up next to him in our rented, too hard, creaking bed. We only have five more days before the BIG move and the beginning of another leg of this adventure!


Are You Crazy?Sunday we had a fantastic day! After morning services we ran by McDonalds and consumed enough calories for our entire daily intake goal. We caught a quick 20 minute nap because no one can move after a meal like that. We didn't want to feel too guilty so we put on workout clothes and drove the 20 minutes to Lake Hefner. We decided we would conquer the entire trail. Starting off the nine and a half mile hike seemed like a very manageable distance. We had planned out our attack, specifically mapping out where the restrooms were located. I knew I had to make it half way before there would be a pit stop. We knocked out the first two miles before I was urgently looking for a bathroom. I guess 120 ounces of water is just too much to drink in a day. Lucky me there was a port-a-potty at the boat ramp. When we arrived at the lighthouse(about 31/2 miles in) I asked Matthew if he wanted to read the plaque. His answer was priceless: "No. If I stop I may not be able to start again." We finally made it to the kite surfing guys and took a little rest. We didn't bring any water because I didn't want any weight bringing us down (mistake). We did throw a dried fruit snack pack in Matthew's pocket which was a very good treat. At this point I didn't want to continue but the car was parked where we started, of course, so we just had to do it.

After the seventh mile the pace slowed a bit and the funny part was, I was the winded one. The wind was blowing so hard against us it was hard to walk. The final mile was filled with many jokes about calling a taxi, test driving a car from the dealership down the hill, How much will you take for that there bike buddy?, as well as asking Eric to pick us up because his church was just down the road. The car was finally in sight and I have never been so thrilled! KJ just happened to call and provided a little fan encouragement the last 10 steps. Thanks! That was priceless! Really it wasn't that bad. We are looking forward to doing it all again this Saturday! We rewarded ourselves with a little Joe's Crab Shack! Matthew had crab and I enjoyed the coconut shrimp. Like I said we had a fantastic Sunday!


Baby Sister's Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday! You are the best little sister I have. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you on your day!

Here are a few fun facts and memories I want to share about Cassandra:

  • My favorite childhood memory was when we lost Cassandra at the mall and she told the security guards that her name was Cinderelly and her dad's name was Pumpkin.
  • I have loved watching Cassandra's faith develop.
  • She has such a servant's heart. She has spent the last two summers giving to the kids at Gander Brook.
  • Her talent for photography is incomparable.
  • She has become a very loving wife.
  • I still think fondly of the days we shared in the north. Thanks for the Cabela's date!
  • I wish she could be a school counselor because I think she would be really good at it.
  • I love the time we got to spend at Tahkodah.
  • She really is an artist. Check out her scrapbooking.
  • She ROCKS at climbing and repelling.
  • She has the forgiveness of Christ.
  • She can host a mean dinner party. Fondue included.
  • She is quite the little actress.

I love you and hope you have a very special day. Consider this your card. :) I hope you have a blast with the family this weekend. Are you doing Amish Country again?


Birthday Weekend! The big 30!

Yes, my sweet husband turned thirty on Sunday. Matthew had the best birthday weekend ever. He started it all off with an amazing steak dinner Friday night at Cimarron complements of Uncle Peery. The company was awesome and the steak really was to die for. He had an excellent romantic walk with the love of his life (me) in Bricktown. The best part was it was while consuming a treat from Marble Slab Creamery. We got to talk about life and goals and where we want to see ourselves further down the road. When we returned to our apartment his whole class of FAA students was across the hall at a friends apt. watching "the game" but stopped long enough to sing happy birthday. It was pretty neat. Saturday morning we got up and drove to FedEx because Matthew has the best brother in law ever! Nick had overnighted us tickets to the Arkansas/Auburn game on the 50 yard line!!!! It was so neat to get to see Matthew so excited. We had a great time at the game. It was such a close one. By the time we had navigated our way out of Fayetteville it was 11:15. We decided that there was no way we were going to make the 3 1/2 hour drive back to OKC. We headed down 540 with everyone else hoping for a vacancy. We stopped at a place in Van Buren. The next morning we decided to drive into Fort Smith. We ate a very late breakfast at Benson's Grill. AMAZING! Then we headed to the actual fort. We went to the museum and learned a lot. Our tour of Fort Smith ended long about 3pm when we decided it was probably about time to head back to the OKC. The next three hours we spent snacking on Sonic and discussing the injustices caused by our ancestors. It got pretty deep. Well although I was very long winded I hope you enjoyed my journaling of Matthew's 30th bday weekend. We left the camera in the car by accident so here is the only picture I took. We were following "Tusk" up 540 with all the other "overdressed" tailgaters.

I love you Matthew, I'm excited to spend another year with you and am greatly anticipating what God will do with this one!


Happy 3rd Birthday T!!
Sorry we are missing this one too. Hopefully next year we will get to celebrate with you little man. We hope you are having the best day ever. Uncle Matty and Aunt Lindsay are always running behind, but be sure that you watch the front door for an unusual box maybe by the beginning of next week! I have left you with a little clue about your awesome present! Be sweet to mommy and Daddy. I hope you have a big old time at your party this weekend! We can't wait to get home in three weeks. You'll have to come see our new place and maybe we could visit the zoo too! Give Easton kisses for us.

Love you, and Happy Happy Birthday Crazy Tanner!


Alpaca Farm

"Where they plant em and grow em big!"

My Mom, Dad and brother came to visit us this weekend!! For all of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting my father, he is quite a character with many quirks. On Saturday morning he got up @ 4 am, while everyone else was sleeping, mind you. He drove to the nearest Denny's, read the entire Oklahoma newspaper, (Of which I don't even know what the title is after being here almost a month.) ate breakfast, drove downtown to the OKC National Memorial, (before the sun was up) then called me at 8am because he couldn't get back into the apartment. This is very normal for him. We just smile and expect donuts. We have come to accept these quirks as blessings. This weekend's blessing consisted of participating in the annual Oklahoma Alpaca Ranch Day. My mom loves knitting and has just recently purchased a spinning wheel so she is very intrigued by animals that produce fibers. It would not surprise me if my dad went out and bought some acres to start "Nana" her own sheep/alpaca ranch someday in the near future. Those of you that know my dad also know that he is an expert in many areas and if he doesn't know something he makes up a very believable story. (Glad we have access to wikipedia or I would feel like Adam Sandler in Waterboy! Ask Nick about Wiki.) Well I think Dad might have met his match here in OKC. The man pictured above was the king of Alpaca information. We really had a ton of fun learning about: fibers, reproduction, luster, preemie alpacas, orgles, humming, prosthetics, communal voiding, and nursing.

This is Nick's reaction to the "rancher" telling us that alpaca fibers are used to make men's high fashioned suits. We then went on to make up creative uses of Alpaca fibers. I think my favorite was the $500 knitted tie, or the cat fiber sweater.
This is a picture of a 7 month old preemie. He was bottle fed so he was very friendly. We really had a fantastic time and I am so glad that my father is so spontaneous. Thanks for making the long drive to come see us! A huge thanks to Nick for the awesome brunch on Sunday. You guys are the best! We REALLY missed you Miss Caroline! Good luck on your test!


Quote of the Week:

Isabella was waiting for Mama Jan to get out of surgery in Memphis. All three kids had been sitting in the waiting room for several hours when Belle piped up with:

"Mama, I'm as hungry as a jaybird!"

She gets those cliches a little confused sometimes. We love you Belle Belle Britches!


Sometimes We Make Life This Hard!
It's really hard to see but there is a beaver behind that second chain-link fence. He was trying with all his might to chew through that fence. The interesting part was that even if it was possible to get through that fence, there was another one right there in front of him. I wonder if this is what I look like to God sometimes. I'm trying with all my might to achieve some goal that isn't really going to lead me anywhere, but boy I'm going to grind my teeth down to the nubs trying. I'm really not going to get anywhere without HIM! So I'm going to stop grinding my teeth and let Him lead. Thanks for the little reminders, over the weekend at the zoo, of your glory God!


I Must Be Rich.....
I just finished popping a bag of corn to enjoy while watching TV because my wonderful husband is working nights this week. I was so excited until I opened the steaming bag and found nothing but blacken burnt popcorn....Well, I threw that bag in the trash and started over. This time I took the bag out 1 minute before the timer went off. Opened that steaming bag to find seven count them 7 popped kernels. Well, I ate each of them savoring each buttery bite. Then I proceeded to the freezer to finish off the carton of vanilla ice cream. Yes, I have been on vacation from my awesome job at TARGET for the last two weeks. But, unfortunately as of today I am no longer being paid until I actually show back up for work. Funny how that works.... I tell this crazy story not to brag about the amount of money we are making these days, but to thank God that we have never wanted for anything. The last two years we have spent jumping not only from state to state but from job to job. Most of the time not having a single lead in the new town. Only because of God's mercy and grace have we been able to go out on a limb and follow all of our dreams for a fantastic reliable career. All we want is to praise him for his love and protection that He has so graciously poured over us since selling the farm and starting a new life. We have been blessed far more than we deserve. My prayer is that we will be able to pay all of this forward to some other family in need in the near future. Tonight I also pray for those who can't throw away the burnt popcorn because it's the only food in the house. I am reminded to be grateful for what I have. How about you?


"GiGi No Like You No More!!!"

Lil was having a bad day:(

summer 013
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Mom and Dad's Anniversary Present
All the kids went together and bought Mom and Dad a gallery wrapped painting of this family picture. They loved it and I thought I would share because it turned out much better than I imagined it would. We were able to buy the package at our local Best Buy. Then you just upload your favorite photo and six weeks later it shows up at your door. We had a great time taking the pictures and planning it without Mom and Dad knowing. At the time Nick and Caroline were the only ones living in Little Rock. Luckily Cassandra and Zach were the only ones living out of state. The funniest part was that we all showed up for dinner at Mom and Dad's that night in our brown shirts. They were clueless! "Everybody always dresses the same in the south,you know." I always loved when Mom dressed us the same for church. Can't wait to do that with my own someday, smocked dresses and all. I am so glad that our family is growing so big, but what's awesome is that we have remained so close. God has been so faithful and his grace is more than any of us deserve. Well I'll leave you with a slide show of the rest of the fun that day......


(you have to sing the title)

Our State Fair Is A Great State
Fair.... Don't Miss It Don't Even
Be Late... Boom,Boom,Boom....
Well it isn't really "our" state, but my Dad used to sing this over and over every time the Arkansas State Fair rolled into town. Ahh memories!! Matthew and I spent the morning at the OKLAHOMA STATE FAIR! It was so much fun!! Funny how you think it will be so much cheaper than say....Disney World. Some how you always spend more than you anticipated.

We split:

  • a whole roasted ear of corn, husk still in tacked.
  • A lemonade
  • A NON-authentic Gyros
  • An Italian Sausage w/ onions and peppers( I know, your all thinking Lindsay ate peppers and onions??What)

We saw:

  • Sheep being sheared!! (Mom: Sorry I didn't get any pictures, but I thought of you!)
  • 4H was showing their Cows (I think they were spray painting their hooves)
  • Pigs squealing
  • Square Dancers
  • Antique Tractors
  • Lots of cowboy boots
  • Baby Chicks (We actually watched them hatching out of their eggs!)
  • Talked to a guy for a long time about a hot tub (ask Matthew about that one)
  • Got a card for a FREE newly revised Bible

All in all a great day!!! On our way out we found authentic Greek Gyros so we ordered two to go. I didn't have to make dinner!!!


Already Missing These Crazy Kids!!

This was the weekend we found out we were leaving for OK.
Look at those precious tan babies!!
Pap and Tanner having a blast at Mama Jan's house.Tanner holds his breath and swims under water all by himself!
Way to go 2 and a half year old.

Even Easton enjoyed the sun.

Matthew made an awesome lunch and all the kids had a great time. Thanks Mom and Dad for making the trip. What great memories. David came up the night before to eat pizza, but Saturday was move in day at ASU. Wish that Nick, Caroline, Cassandra and Zach had been there too.


Finally in Business!!

Mom, aren't you so proud? This is my new dinning room. Won't be eating at this table the whole time we are in OK.

I finished my very first "taggie." Sooo ExCiTeD!! I am also working on decorative burp rags for a craft show in November. Can't wait!!

The back is a very light purple chenille. The front is a printed lime cotton. Love it!!!! I am so glad that my mom was able to share her talent and love for crafts with me. I like to think I'm blessed with the same talent. Thinking about naming my crafts for contact info....Lindsay Lou and Babies Too....What do you think? Have anything better??? Have a great day everyone!!

**Update 3:52pm I finished EIGHT today!!!


To My Husband On His First Day of Work for the Next Twenty-Five Years.......

Thank you for the risks you have taken these past two years to provide a future for us as a family. Thank you for being brave even when you didn't feel like it. Thank you for working so hard and studying so much to get another degree. Thank you for working so hard filling out packets and packets of paperwork. Thank you for having faith even when mine was falling short. Thank you for making my many breakfasts and lunches this last year. Thank you for washing all of that red and khaki and not mixing it together! Thank you for working so hard to pass physicals and eye exams and jumping through hoops... Thank you for the desire you have to do the right thing. You are the best and I wouldn't trade this adventure for anything. We are truly blessed, praise God for that.


Another letter, another step closer......
We got our final job offer last Saturday. VERY exciting!! We have spent the week frantically looking at apartments in Memphis and online for Oklahoma City. It's really funny that we are going from living in a room upstairs to having to pick out two apartments at the same time. Kind of makes your head spin. We leave for OK in 12 days and at this point don't have a place to lay our heads. It's a little deja vu. Hopefully by Monday we will have final arrangements for both places. Tomorrow I will start culling through our closet. Seems like I just did that a couple months ago when we sold our house, can't believe it has been 19 months since that move.


What will I do in OK?
Everyone laughs when I say it, but I have decided to train for a half marathon. Yes that is
13.1 miles and yes I just started running again. Matthew and I have been walking pretty regularly since PA so it wasn't such a shock to my system to take it up a notch. I am not very fast but hey if I can just finish the 13 miles I will feel like I have really accomplished something. The race is December 1st in Memphis. I think this is also very fitting seeing as that we will be Memphians in December. Wish me luck!!



It has been so long since Lindsay has blogged, I don't know if there is enough room to write all of the things that have gone on. Lets start with an update about my job. I have been selected to work in the Air Traffic Control Tower in Memphis. This is great news to us, even though I was hoping to work in an En route Center. Still it keeps us close to family and in a city that we are somewhat familiar with. As far as the scenery in Memphis...looks like we will vacation in Eastern Tennessee. Maybe the history and culture in Memphis will keep us occupied for years to come. We also know that we will be going to Oklahoma City for 8 weeks in preparation for the new career. After believing that we wouldn't leave until Christmas, it now appears that we might be leaving within 2 months. That is exciting.

With the new job comes the challenge to lose weight. We have decided to become a fit couple for our new city life. The best way to get that for us is South beach diet. Turns out, Lindsay wasn't as far from her target weight as I am, so I guess that I will continue with my low carb lifestyle alone.

Our new challenge, other than getting me to study for OK City, is finding acceptable lodging in or around Memphis, TN. We have been visiting Memphis every other weekend for the past couple of months and have narrowed to one apartment on Mud Island and 4 apartments in Germantown/Collierville. We would love some help with this decision if anyone would like to chime in...anyone...anyone?

We are starting to realize, much like we did when we left PA, that we are going to be leaving friends behind in Paragould who we spend a lot of time with and are really just beginning to get to know. Of course we will keep up, and will see them some, but the fact remains that it won't be the same. Thanks to all in XL's share group that support us, pray for us, and laugh with us. God has blessed us in so many ways.

Speaking of...I would like to take this opportunity (the first and probably last of my blogging experience) to give praise to my wife. God has chosen to give me a friend that seems to be willing to stick with me through more than she should have to. Thanks. I love you. I can't wait to explore new lands with you, and try out all of the restaurants with you, and visit Graceland over and over with you!


6 Months and counting...

We are coming closer to watching God's plan unfold. Just as I was beginning to lose hope..... I had a really rough week and was very teary about where our future was going. This morning I went with Matthew fishing and got a really bad sun burn. When we got home I took a nap. Matthew came upstairs to see if I was awake yet with the news that we had received another e-mail today from the FAA. Yeah God!!! This e-mail was to make sure that he is STILL interested in the job somewhere in the state of Tennessee. At least it is narrowed down this far. The next step will be an interview at the Memphis airport. The e-mail was very specific about it possibly taking 6 months from now until we are on the job. So it looks like we might be in Paragould till Christmas. What a crazy two year road we will have been on!!!


Laying it ALL out..
Well I know that I will feel much better after this and hope that it doesn't offend the few that actually read my blog. So I am apologizing now for any hard feelings. I had a heart to heart with Matthew yesterday that actually did wonders, but Satan sure is knocking at my door these days. I already know the answer is pray pray pray and have patience but lately I have been too hard headed.... I have been off birth control for 3 1/2 years. I learned a great method of Fertility Awareness and have been using it faithfully. This last year I got lazy and it didn't really matter if we had an oops. So here it is one year and 3 months latter and no oops. It has begun to eat on me and I can't shake it. I am in a terrible mood and go from the extremes of I don't ever want to have any children to crying uncontrollably and being so jealous that it makes me sick to my stomach. I stumbled upon this today and made me feel a little better:
Ten snappy answers to “when are you going to have a baby?”
1. When we get to it, I promise you’ll be the first to know.
2. When we are rich and famous.
3. Why do you want to know?
4. I’ve already had several miscarriages. (This usually shuts them up.)
5. Why are you so nosy? (Said with a smile, this comes off playful)
6. I’m so glad you brought that up! I’m having fertility issues. What do you want to talk about first-my uterine lining or John’s sperm count? (Don’t be surprised if they spit out their coffee on this one.)
7. When we win the lottery.
8. We’re trying and we’re having a hard time of it. Do you have any other friends with fertility problems?
9. We’ve decided not to have kids; thanks for asking. (When it happens, they’ll be surprised.)
10. We’re in a quandary-puppy or baby. Which do you think would be better?

From the book, A FEW GOOD EGGS: Two Chicks Dish on Overcoming the Insanity of Infertility. Copyright 2005 by Julie Vargo and Maureen Regan. Printed in conceive magazine summer 2006 issue.

I really identified with 1,6 ,and 9. The worst time I have with it is at church services. I have come to the point of no longer worshiping there and just dwelling in what I don't have. Like I said earlier Satan has a real hold on me! For those that may actually read this pray for me.
Pray that I will focus and worship with a heart of joy
Pray that I will have patience
Pray that I will wait on the Lord
Pray that I will understand God's timing
Pray that I can come into a closer relationship with him, because I tend to blame Him for this
Thank you for letting me rant today!!!!!!


Brief Update of Last 3 Months

A task that was too big with dial up
internet but I am finally ponying up........

Left Beaver County for the last time and cried about it...
Moved in @Mama Jan's
Ate way to much at all of the family Christmas gatherings

Baby Easton was born on the 6th
(will have to give more details later)
Started work in Jboro as a GSTL @ Target on the 8th

Fantastic 1 week trip to Disney with
Shannan, Robin, Jackson and Belle
Turned 28, hating that!
PrOmIsE tO UpDaTe AgAiN SoOn!!!!