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(you have to sing the title)

Our State Fair Is A Great State
Fair.... Don't Miss It Don't Even
Be Late... Boom,Boom,Boom....
Well it isn't really "our" state, but my Dad used to sing this over and over every time the Arkansas State Fair rolled into town. Ahh memories!! Matthew and I spent the morning at the OKLAHOMA STATE FAIR! It was so much fun!! Funny how you think it will be so much cheaper than say....Disney World. Some how you always spend more than you anticipated.

We split:

  • a whole roasted ear of corn, husk still in tacked.
  • A lemonade
  • A NON-authentic Gyros
  • An Italian Sausage w/ onions and peppers( I know, your all thinking Lindsay ate peppers and onions??What)

We saw:

  • Sheep being sheared!! (Mom: Sorry I didn't get any pictures, but I thought of you!)
  • 4H was showing their Cows (I think they were spray painting their hooves)
  • Pigs squealing
  • Square Dancers
  • Antique Tractors
  • Lots of cowboy boots
  • Baby Chicks (We actually watched them hatching out of their eggs!)
  • Talked to a guy for a long time about a hot tub (ask Matthew about that one)
  • Got a card for a FREE newly revised Bible

All in all a great day!!! On our way out we found authentic Greek Gyros so we ordered two to go. I didn't have to make dinner!!!


cassandra and zachary said...

whether you got free gyros or shouldn't have had to make dinner after all the fair food you guys ate. Jeez-a-loo! We missed the Mannington fair again this year because we were still in Maine. wah wah.