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Wordless Wednesday


Retiring Already??

I have spent the week retiring Graham's clothes. It's amazing how quickly they grow out of things. I've been folding up and labeling all of his newborn - 3 month clothes, so I can share with the next baby in our family. Some 6 month outfits are already too small. He is in size 2-3 swaddlers, but I'm not sure they will last much longer. He has been wearing cloth diapers at home and only disposables at night or when we go out. He is still in small fuzzi bunz but I'll have to decide if we are going to continue and invest in mediums or not by the end of next month.

A few excuses as to why I haven't blogged in a month:

  • Our desktop computer (4 years old) decided to bite the dust. Fried motherboard. Thank you Norton for online backups!! I only lost this last week of pictures and videos.
  • Spent a week with my family at the Big Piney in a fantastic cabin. (blog topic for later, when smeone emails me some pictures. Lost mine)
  • Graham and I have had a terrible cold.
  • Graham has decided to go back to nursing every two hours all night long. I am napping when he does..... hope it's a growth spurt or the cold.
  • Designed and sewed kitchen curtains for a friend from church.
  • Made Graham's 3 month outfit for professional pictures. It's at the monogramer's house right now. (pics to come)
  • Busy growing a boy (24 hour job, you know)

Here are a few favorite pictures from last month. Hope to do better now that everything is on the laptop.

Mom, the points turned out great! Thanks for all of your help over the phone!
Graham's belly button is looking so much better.... it's almost an inny now.

Graham loves his bumbo. His favorite toy is the lion. When you pull it's tail it laughs. Graham gets pretty tickled about it.
He has really started eating his fists and drooling a ton. Time to get out the bibs. I changed his clothes four times on Sunday because they were so wet.