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Eat N Park Cookies!

Whew! I have been so busy. I pulled a double this weekend and haven't quit since. We are a little behind at work so I'm doing voluntary overtime. So once again dishes, housework, and cooking are coming in last place. But Matthew's OK with it as you can see (left) because that means eating out. We were at Eat N Park on Sunday night and that means SMILE COOKIES!! This week they were black and gold for the Steeler game. They lost and the guy sitting at the next table told the waitress that they should be frowning. I have never seen a community with so much team spirit!!!! Everyone at Target had on Steeler jerseys which is not unusual but I was headed into the backroom and almost asked if it was game day, but as I opened the door I heard the pregame show blaring on the radio. I didn't even have to ask. It's funny how you can tell who people are routing for when it comes to sports. I wonder if outsiders can tell who we are LIVING for??


Go Hogs Go!!!!

“Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie!
“Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie!
“Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie! Razorbacks!”
Arkansas 24 Alabama 23 Double OT

Grosse Pointe Blank..

Today was Matthew's TEN year reunion. Go Dexter Bearcats! Matthew and I used to watch Grosse Pointe Blank just about every night as we went to bed in Paragould. (NO CABLE) Well anyway, I always thought that Martin and Debbie were so old and thought we would never be as old as them at our TEN year reunion. Martin didn't really have his life together and going home was so agonizing for him, it took a hit job just to get him there. It makes me laugh how we were so content just a year ago with our lives. God had a different plan.... Now that this life marking event is occurring I realize that we are a little more like Martin then I thought. We are getting older and my muscles and bones remind me of this on a regular basis. I look around at all of our friends and their GROWING families and feel a little left out. You know what, God has a plan for us and that should be enough. I know that it must be spectacular! I was so trusting when our life was changing so much just eight months ago, but as time goes by it is hard to keep my focus and faith where it needs to be. I think that I was having to be the strong one in the beginning, I had to use my past military moving experiences to convince Matthew that everything would be ok and that people do this all of the time. Now Matthew is having to be the positive one because I have almost had my fill. Why is it that we "humans" have so much trouble just trusting in the Lord? I was reading Conquering Your Giants by Nancy Eichman right after we moved here. In one of her passages about Sarah and Abraham she says, about Sarah: Instead, she put their survival in the hands of God. In his hands she was safe. Her future was one big question mark, but although her eyes were covered, God could see everything and He was the One who was leading her. Here I go facing another week with my eyes covered but I know who is leading me.


Four have become "almost" ten ......

It took my parents ten years to create the four of us, but I think it is really funny that it only took five to marry all four of us off. I just want to thank them for raising us in a Christ centered home and leading us to such wonderful Christian mates. Watching my parents be in love from our very first steps and memories until now has been such a blessing. You taught us how to love and be loved and I wouldn't change that for anything. I thank God everyday for the awesome loving family that I was born into. My prayer is that Matthew and I will be able to teach these same lessons by our example in life and with God I know it is possible. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!!! Missing you here in PA. Now that ALL of the weddings are paid for enjoy redecorating the house.


Geographical Oddity

Never in my life would I think that I would miss a silly restaurant so much. It is unbelievable but we are three hours from the closest SONIC. Yes you read that correctly 3 hours! For eight months we have been without America's Drive-In. The other day we took a road trip to get some treats. You would think that you would plan out exactly what you had been missing the most. Well I dropped the ball. Matthew was so disappointed in my selection. We ended up arriving at a very odd time and I wasn't hungry, can't imagine. So I went for a fudge brownie blast, when really I wanted a grilled cheese and my absolute favorite lemon berry slush float. Matthew had been craving his favorite,ocean water, but we found out quickly that up here it just isn't the same. We can not wait to get back to the Sonics of the south! So what is your favorite treat at America's Drive-In?



Why is it that doing the dishes makes me so angry. I know that that is a very strong word, but it really does upset me. I wish I could be more like my mother-in-law. It is almost like she LOVES doing dishes. She does them with such joy and doesn't want any help with them, even at the big holidays. Which has never made any sense to me, because it is something I will put off until the kitchen smells so bad that no one will step foot in it. Then we end up spending money to go out to eat so that I can continue to avoid them. Today is one of those days at my house. Living here has only made me appreciate my dishwasher more. I have told Matthew countless times that when we get to move back home and have real jobs, and a real house again, I will never let dishes pile up again. The dishwasher will always be run and emptied very quickly. Now why can't I just turn over a new leaf today and make that promise for our apartment? That would just be over the top I believe, and I have three months before I have to keep my other promise.


LOST! addict

We are thrilled to be the co-owners of season 2, but I am saddened today as we mail our little "step child" to its other owners, so I am desperately watching the extras. Only 23 days until the new season and Wednesday night pizza returns!! So Shannan, enjoy your little child and take good care of it.