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Geographical Oddity

Never in my life would I think that I would miss a silly restaurant so much. It is unbelievable but we are three hours from the closest SONIC. Yes you read that correctly 3 hours! For eight months we have been without America's Drive-In. The other day we took a road trip to get some treats. You would think that you would plan out exactly what you had been missing the most. Well I dropped the ball. Matthew was so disappointed in my selection. We ended up arriving at a very odd time and I wasn't hungry, can't imagine. So I went for a fudge brownie blast, when really I wanted a grilled cheese and my absolute favorite lemon berry slush float. Matthew had been craving his favorite,ocean water, but we found out quickly that up here it just isn't the same. We can not wait to get back to the Sonics of the south! So what is your favorite treat at America's Drive-In?


Matthew and Lindsay said...

Come on guys... You have to love something from Sonic. What is it??

Emily (Walker) Hanauer said...

I know what you mean - When we lived in Cincinnati for 2 years there were no Sonics. I couldn't believe it! Every time I went to Nashville to visit my sister, I'd be sure to stop in. Now that we live in Louisville, there's one about 2 minutes from our house. I love the classics - cherry limades, tator tots, and grilled cheese. But when I was pregnant, I was all about the lemon slush. So much so, that whenever we went through a drive through Kylie would say, "Mommy, can I have a bite of lemon slush"? That's when I realized I had a problem...