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Maternity Photo Shoot

With only 27 days until the arrival of #2, I thought it was time to get some family pictures. Matthew was so sweet and generous in this endeavor and I can't thank him enough. Graham was the perfect child through the whole experience, I could not believe it. We ended up at Lasting Expressions, which was an awesome experience. If you have one near you it is worth trying them out. I do apologize for the lack of blogging. Chasing a toddler and preparing for another baby has about done me in. We also had a little bit of drama with this pregnancy, so it has been a little more difficult than the first one. We can only hope it doesn't forshadow how this sweet baby girl will act in the future. I am only going to put up a few from the shoot, but please enjoy! Hopefully the next entry will be about the birth of our daughter!