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Happy Fourth and a Few Firsts!

Yummy homemade ice cream with Graham's favorite! We picked the blueberries at Jones Orchard in Millington.

Before I forget the recipe: 1 qt half and half, 1 qt whipping cream, 4 eggs, 4tsp vanilla, 2 cans eagle brand. In a double broiler cook the half and half and whipping cream till warm. Add 1/2 cup warm mixture to beaten eggs while stirring. Then stir eggs and milk in double broiler till it sticks on the back of a metal spoon. Place whole pan in ice bath till cool. Stir every 10 minutes in the refrigerator. Leave "custard" on fridge for at least 3 hours. (better over night) Freeze in ice cream freezer. Very rich and custard like, almost as good as Rita's!

Gentry at 7 months with her first teething biscuit. Both bottom teeth broke through last week!Pap giving her a taste of baby carrots. She ate about 10 spoonfuls.

Grahammy boy eating one of his favorites! Matthew told him to stop eating his strawberries and blueberries and to eat his ice cream. What parent has to say that? Funny boy!