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Christmas Card Attempt...
It is almost impossible to get both of them to look in the same direction. It was still fun! Thanks to Nana for the extra help. I finished smocking these outfits in October and could not wait to put them on them! I'm so glad that Gentry has so much hair. I didn't know if we would get to use the hair bow. I think we are going to use the last picture in this group, but I had to share some of the outtakes too. Hope you all have a very blessed Christmas!

"Are we all finished?"


Eyes Wide Open

"Little" big brother is still loving kisses! He is very gentle with her most of the time. We haven't had any tractor incidents yet but we can't turn our backs for a second. He was trying to pull her "socks" off while she was in the bouncy seat yesterday. Only she didn't have any socks on. He was pulling the bottoms of her footed pjs along with her entire body.


Gentry Elise Horner
Welcome to the world sweet baby girl.

December 2, 2009
3:17 pm
She weighed 5 lbs 9 oz and was 18 1/4 inches long
She has dark brown hair and blue eyes
We just can't get over how little she is!

Some of you may know already about her rough start. I plan to blog the whole birth story soon for my memories, but today will not be the day.

In the NICU 32 hours!

Talking to my sweet baby.

Proud Daddy!

Picture Day!

"Little" Big Brother giving first kisses.

Car Seat ride home.
First bath at home. 4 days old.

"I'm so pretty, Oh so pretty, Oh so pretty and witty and gay"