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Orange Beach 2011

We just had the best four day family of four vacation in Orange Beach, AL! The kids did a great job on the trip down. Lots of squeals and clapping from the backseat. Thanks to Mrs. Shelly we made it through the last hour and a half watching Cars. (It was a life saver!) The first night they were so excited to just be in a hotel.

After breakfast the first day we headed out to walk on the beach.

Gentry did not like the sand or the sound of the waves.

Graham couldn't wait to get in, but it was a little chilly that morning. We headed to the Gulf Coast Zoo hoping it would warm up a little.
After naps and a cookie Graham was ready to go to the beach!

Gentry was brave on Daddy's shoulders.

This is a video of Graham's first experience with waves.


Orange Beach Continued....

The days on the beach were fantastic! We also had great food at Lambert's, Old World Pizza, DeSoto's Seafood Kitchen, and Bruster's. Every moment we weren't on the beach Graham was asking if we could go. Gentry's best day on the beach was her two hour nap under an umbrella. She finally let it loose on Sunday as you'll see in the video below.

Family Beach Pictures 2011