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Happy Due Date, Baby!

I can't believe I would still be pregnant today. It already feels like Graham has been a part of our family for so long. I had been begging Matthew to take some couple shots for a couple of days. I'm so glad he gave in because Graham arrived four days later. I just wanted to share a few to celebrate our sweet boy's original due date. It's kind of funny how I miss being pregnant, but at this point can barley remember what it even felt like. I was able to wear my "big girl" (size 10) jeans to the doctor on Friday. I do miss the belly and the sweet kicks, but I'm enjoying the sweet smells, sounds and kisses. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

Playing with the baby!
38 weeks
I think this one is hilarious!
Feeling Graham kick!
Happy Family


Nine Days Old
We took Graham for his first pediatrician's appointment on Friday. In nine days he had gained 10 oz. The doctor said, "I'm just glad to see babies back up to their birth weight at this point. He's a breastfeeding champ." We are so in love with him! It's crazy how that can happen so fast. Praise God for that amazing feeling. I still can't get over the fact that Graham shouldn't even be here yet. I kind of miss feeling those little wiggles and kicks inside me. Matthew said, "I'm just glad that we get to spend twelve extra days with him in his lifetime." Things are going really great! Graham sleeps for one four hour stretch at the begining of the night then he eats every 2 hours until we get up for the day. I can't complain because he always goes right back to sleep. Mom and I took these pictures for the baby announcements. I only posted my three favorites. I think I took 50, just trying for one good one.
This reminds me of our fake poses for our senior pictures. He is just missing that huge ring on his finger and a tassel cap.
I love this picture, he is almost smiling and those cheeks are too cute.
This is his serious look.


Updated Pictures!!!!
Graham is awesome and we are so excited that he is part of our family.
Uncle Nick
Aunt Stephanie and Cousin Tanner

Nana, Graham, Cousin Jackson, Cousin Belle, and Aunt Shannan
Daddy, Cousin Lily, and Graham

Grandaddy Richard
Belle and Graham
Jackson and Graham

Grandmother Bridges
Mama Jan, Mommy and Baby Boy
Aunt Jana (Coco??)

Pap and Graham

Aunt Caroline and Graham
Nana, Mommy and Baby Boy
So in love!
Loving his fingers on Daddy's chest

Birth Story
**Disclaimer** Very long and detailed so I'll have it for the baby book. You probably don't want to read this.

Tuesday May, 13th
That morning I asked Matthew what to do to get him at work since we were getting closer to the due date. We made our little plan.... My car decided to quit working on Sunday so I would be without it that day. We planned on taking it to the shop at 3:00 that afternoon.

11:30am I planned to meet some friends from church for lunch at J. Alexanders, Amy had to come get me because of my poor car. I ate the most awesome blue cheese and grilled salmon salad ever.

1:00pm Amy dropped me off at home. I climbed the stairs and had a strange feeling. I called Mom and asked if it really could be my water. I was still 13 days away?

1:30pm At this point I was sure that was what happened. I called the Dr. office, they told me to come in and get checked as soon as possible. I texted (is that a word) Matthew Call ASAP. This was not the plan by the way. He was in a meeting, but stepped out. I told him we were in no hurry.

2:00pm Matthew walked in the door. I was folding clothes and packing, since I had not planned on having him anytime soon. We made the bed and started the dishwasher. We prayed and hugged at the door for the last time as a family of two.

2:30pm We checked in at the Dr. office. I had lost a pound and my blood pressure was great. I was 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced. Sure enough my water had broken and this put me on a timetable of 24 hours, from fear of infection. I asked the doctor if we could go to Wendy's for Matthew to get something to eat I promised I wouldn't eat. He told me, "Do not pass go, do not collect $200." "I'll get you a wheelchair to ride over to the hospital." I was not having any contractions that I knew of and I would walk myself, I told him. (in a nice way)

3:30pm Admitted to labor and delivery. They didn't have any beds ready so they told us to wait in the waiting room. I sat cross legged on the hard floor hoping his head would come down further and progress naturally before they pumped me full of Pitocin.

5:00pm They started Pit and upped it 2 units every thirty minutes. Contractions were coming every 3 minutes and were in the 50 to 70 intensity range.

Midnight They checked me, I was 5 cm and 80% effaced. The last thirty minutes had been extremely intense. Matthew was doing an amazing job talking me through them. He had very strict orders, from me, to not let me give in to the epidural. I started begging and at 12:20am I finally made the decision that this was under different circumstances and I could live with a medicated birth.

12:20 to 1:30am Started the epidural which was horrible sitting still through the toughest contractions.

1:30 to 2:10am Napped on and off but was feeling a ton of pressure. I thought I can't really be ready to push.

2:10am The nurse checked me again and I was fully dilated and complete, so she let me give a practice push.

2:59am Sweet baby boy was born!!!! 6 lbs 2 oz, 19 inches long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

4:00am Nursed for the first time!

6:30am First bath

9:00am Named the sweet boy Graham Edward

It ended up being the best birth under the circumstances! We love our sweet boy and praise God for his safe arrival. We are so glad that God blessed us with Graham and trusts us to raise him to know Him!


Graham Edward is Here!
Just got home from the hospital. I'll post the whole story after getting some sleep..... Born 2:59am Wednesday, May 14th 6 lbs 2 oz 19 inches long. He has light hair and a Curton nose.


Thanks Aunt Cyndee!

We just received the most beautiful bedroom furniture because Cyndee is in the process of redoing her own home. I feel like such a grown up now! It only took 7 years (right?) We only have the one bedroom so I've put up the pack and play just so we have a changing table. Little bit (still no name) is going to share our bed for awhile. We'll see how that goes, until it's time to sign a new lease or move out?

Here is the new headboard!!
This is the view from Matthew's side of the bed.
Here is my side of the bed looking out toward our living room.
I put the good old Wal-Mart dresser in the closet, which is becoming very crowded with clothes for all three of us. Yes, I wrestled the dresser (nine months pregnant) by myself while Matthew was at work.