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Four have become "almost" ten ......

It took my parents ten years to create the four of us, but I think it is really funny that it only took five to marry all four of us off. I just want to thank them for raising us in a Christ centered home and leading us to such wonderful Christian mates. Watching my parents be in love from our very first steps and memories until now has been such a blessing. You taught us how to love and be loved and I wouldn't change that for anything. I thank God everyday for the awesome loving family that I was born into. My prayer is that Matthew and I will be able to teach these same lessons by our example in life and with God I know it is possible. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!!! Missing you here in PA. Now that ALL of the weddings are paid for enjoy redecorating the house.


Cassandra said...

what a great journal. i am so very thankful that you could put the love we all have for mama and daddy into words for all of us. i love you so much and am so thankful God is letting me have you all to myself during your PA Adventure. love, love, love.

Anonymous said...

Cassandra, your wedding pictures are beautiful! You were a beautiful bride! Congratulations! Shauri