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What Have Friday Nights Turned Into?
I sit here ALONE in our apartment counting down the hours until Matthew will come home from work. It's about 10pm so only 2 and half hours to go. I haven't even showered yet today and was debating over whether or not to gather up my sudoku book and jump in the tub. During this great relaxing thought I was brought back to reality by the loud laughter and noise going on right outside my back door. I guess some of the neighbors who weren't blessed with the night shift this week have started their weekend of rest. About six o'clock I watched a guy walk by the back door with a case of his beverage of choice for the night. I kind of laughed to myself because immediately I thought: "That would have been a very strange picture if he had been carrying a case of 7up or Pepsi. No one brings a case of soda to a party to consume all by themselves. Nobody sits down and drinks a six pack of DR Pepper's in one evening. Think about all of those calories...." Then immediately after that conversation with myself I thought, how old are you? I am GLAD that my Friday nights are slower now. I'm GLAD that the best thing I have to look forward to is my husband walking through the door. I get to hear about his day and then snuggle up next to him in our rented, too hard, creaking bed. We only have five more days before the BIG move and the beginning of another leg of this adventure!


Matt and Rachel said...

I'm loving keeping up with you on the blog! And, by the way, I don't have any pattern for my bows. I just tinker with it until I like it, tie it with a little piece of thread and haul out the hot glue gun! After about 50 of them, it gets easy..... :)