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Are You Crazy?Sunday we had a fantastic day! After morning services we ran by McDonalds and consumed enough calories for our entire daily intake goal. We caught a quick 20 minute nap because no one can move after a meal like that. We didn't want to feel too guilty so we put on workout clothes and drove the 20 minutes to Lake Hefner. We decided we would conquer the entire trail. Starting off the nine and a half mile hike seemed like a very manageable distance. We had planned out our attack, specifically mapping out where the restrooms were located. I knew I had to make it half way before there would be a pit stop. We knocked out the first two miles before I was urgently looking for a bathroom. I guess 120 ounces of water is just too much to drink in a day. Lucky me there was a port-a-potty at the boat ramp. When we arrived at the lighthouse(about 31/2 miles in) I asked Matthew if he wanted to read the plaque. His answer was priceless: "No. If I stop I may not be able to start again." We finally made it to the kite surfing guys and took a little rest. We didn't bring any water because I didn't want any weight bringing us down (mistake). We did throw a dried fruit snack pack in Matthew's pocket which was a very good treat. At this point I didn't want to continue but the car was parked where we started, of course, so we just had to do it.

After the seventh mile the pace slowed a bit and the funny part was, I was the winded one. The wind was blowing so hard against us it was hard to walk. The final mile was filled with many jokes about calling a taxi, test driving a car from the dealership down the hill, How much will you take for that there bike buddy?, as well as asking Eric to pick us up because his church was just down the road. The car was finally in sight and I have never been so thrilled! KJ just happened to call and provided a little fan encouragement the last 10 steps. Thanks! That was priceless! Really it wasn't that bad. We are looking forward to doing it all again this Saturday! We rewarded ourselves with a little Joe's Crab Shack! Matthew had crab and I enjoyed the coconut shrimp. Like I said we had a fantastic Sunday!


Matt and Rachel said...

WOW! 9 1/2 miles! I'm impressed! Looks like it was an absolutely beautiful walk. :) Miss you guys--


cassandra and zachary said...

wowzers! I'm not surprised...sounds like good old fashioned lindsay and matthew fun. Miss you somethin' awful.