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I Must Be Rich.....
I just finished popping a bag of corn to enjoy while watching TV because my wonderful husband is working nights this week. I was so excited until I opened the steaming bag and found nothing but blacken burnt popcorn....Well, I threw that bag in the trash and started over. This time I took the bag out 1 minute before the timer went off. Opened that steaming bag to find seven count them 7 popped kernels. Well, I ate each of them savoring each buttery bite. Then I proceeded to the freezer to finish off the carton of vanilla ice cream. Yes, I have been on vacation from my awesome job at TARGET for the last two weeks. But, unfortunately as of today I am no longer being paid until I actually show back up for work. Funny how that works.... I tell this crazy story not to brag about the amount of money we are making these days, but to thank God that we have never wanted for anything. The last two years we have spent jumping not only from state to state but from job to job. Most of the time not having a single lead in the new town. Only because of God's mercy and grace have we been able to go out on a limb and follow all of our dreams for a fantastic reliable career. All we want is to praise him for his love and protection that He has so graciously poured over us since selling the farm and starting a new life. We have been blessed far more than we deserve. My prayer is that we will be able to pay all of this forward to some other family in need in the near future. Tonight I also pray for those who can't throw away the burnt popcorn because it's the only food in the house. I am reminded to be grateful for what I have. How about you?


Tiffany Rose said...

We're kinda in the same boat you are.... for right now! We're going to go backwards as soon as James gets home we'll lose half his pay.... then when we have a baby we'll half our combined salary (cause you KNOW I'm NOT working)... So I'm with you... I'm enjoying my "good popcorn days"! ha

Justin & Shauri Phillips said...

Try a different brand of popcorn Linds! JK I love you! I'm so glad things are going well. I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures on Flickr. You all look just wonderful! Hey, are you coming to the reunion? We're trying to decide if we're going or not. My cousin is getting married that same weekend in Monore, LA. Have a great week! Send Matthew my love too! Love, Shauri