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Curton Christmas!
We had a great time at mom and dad's! This year the family was on "B" for gift giving. We are slowly making our way through the alphabet. This is our second year with "the rotating gift" Stephanie and David brought the game: Scene it Squabble. A ton of fun girls against boys with trivia, only the opposite sex would know. It was a "B" because Steph called it Boys Against Girls Squabble. Matthew and I brought the interesting drink: Berry-Cherry Lemonade. Complete with Sonic ice and floating berries. This is the best lemonade ever, but I'm a little bias. Nick didn't like that it left seeds in your teeth. Nick and Caroline made a Big Breakfast Buffet for the interesting snack. The Bertolli Paninis were delicious. We also had Banana Berry Smoothies! Thanks for all the hard work Nick and Caroline! Cassandra and Zach brought the movie, Bourne Ultimatum! Thanks for picking it! The movie was awesome! Dad decided to bend the rules a little this year, instead of everything actually starting with a "B" he bought everything at Bed Bath and Beyond. Three points for him! He was also thoughtful and picked out a very appropriate book for each of us from Barns and Noble. One point for that one! The girls spent a ton of time in the kitchen this year. Thank you Mom for making the traditional Christmas dinner so special. It brought back many childhood memories! Can't wait for "C" my snack is going to be unbelievable so get those appetites ready for next year!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the pictures! You guys must have had a great time! I wish you could have stayed longer and we could have visited, but I understand about time restraints. :( You're going to laugh at me but I clicked on all the pictures and looked at your preggo belly! It's a bump! You look so cute pregnant! All the pictures of everyone were great. Mom, Cassandra, Steph, and Caroline are all beautiful! Take care and you better update tomorrow after you find out what the sex of the baby is! If you don't, "I'll get my lawyer to throw the book at ya!" Tell Steph that, she'll get a kick out of that one. Love you! Shauri

Matthew and Lindsay said...

Oh, I laughed out loud at the "I'll throw the book at ya." Missing you!

Anonymous said...

What are you having? What are you having? :) Don't leave me hanging!