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No Smocked Dresses......

We had a great appointment today. The baby looks perfect! The ultrasound tech was fantastic! She talked us through every frame and printed off four pictures for us to take home. The boy parts could not be mistaken for anything else. The scan took quite a while because our sweet boy wouldn't untuck his chin. The tech had to keep pushing on him so that she could get a better picture of his heart. His head and femur measurements were right on target leaving our due date as expected (May 26). The heart beat was 145. He is really beginning to move around a lot. Matthew still hasn't felt him, but I know it will be any day. We are still waiting on some blood work results from last month, but really nothing to worry about. I just take an extra iron supplement every night. The pictures were both taken today 19 weeks and 4 days. We went through the baby name book last weekend on our way to Paragould so we have a list of "acceptable" names, but haven't even started narrowing them down or talking seriously about them. We're headed to Paragould again this weekend and then to Jboro for Easton's 1st birthday party! Have a great weekend!


cassandra and zachary said... are sooooo cute! and so it that little guy's spine. That's the only thing I could out from the picture. Sorry, I don't know much about fetuses or feti...not sure. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

so you are going to be in our club. awesome! you look beautiful!!! hope we get to see you this weekend. we have a full size bed unspoken for. we are all out of girls.


Terry Austin said...

I'm assuming "Terry" and/or "Terrance" are on the list of acceptable names.

Lindsay, yowza... you are one hot pregnant chick. And Matt is one hot ATC.

Matt and Rachel said...

A BOY!!! How exciting! He will have your heart in an instant --


Justin & Shauri Phillips said...

Yea! Yea! A boy!!! You need a rambunctious little boy! He will keep you on your toes! I'm so excited! Congratulations honey! That little preggo belly is too cute! xoxoxo Shauri

Jerelynn said...

Hey Lindsay! It's been a long time since high school, hope you remember me! Found your blog through Shauri's! Congrats on the new little boy that will soon be entering your life!!!

KJ & Sammie said...

KJ and I are so excited that you are having a boy. With all of the little girls being born around us we were afraid that TJ would be left out of all of the sleepovers! You look great and I hope your second trimester is as wonderful as mine was. Loves ya!

Sara said...

YEA!!! Congrads! Lindsey, you look great and I see that pregancy sparkle in your eyes!
Sara Jo