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Easton's First Birthday!

Here's the sweet one year old blowing out his candle.
He absolutely loved the cake!

Easton loves to give kisses, play tackle with Tanner, and plays with any ball thrown or rolled his way! Stephanie planned a great, small family party. We really missed Mom, Dad, Aunt Cack, and Uncle Zach! Mom and Dad are really sick right now, we're hoping they feel better soon! After chili and cake we all took a walk to downtown Jboro. The boys really enjoyed their wagon ride. My favorite part was my shoe selection. Nick and Caroline threw Tanner's new football all the way down Main Street and back! It was a great birthday!


cassandra and zachary said...

I love that little boy. We wanted to be there so badly! And boy did he LOVE his cake. He looks more and more like his big brother each time I see him.

Anonymous said...

Awww...sweet Easton!! What a fun birthday party! Just think, in a few months you'll have a baby boy to do all this fun stuff with. I can't wait!!! Love you and hope you're feeling good.

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