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"Sew" Busy Sewing!

I have been very busy sewing the past few days and just wanted to share a few of my projects. I made this fantastic Mei Tai for Matthew to carry the baby in when we go hiking. Matthew says he won't be seen in public in it. The great thing is it fits me too! He says I'll have to wear it heading onto the trail, then he'll switch once we are under the cover of trees. I think he'll change his mind once he sees his precious son inside it. I was able to snap a few shots with him hiking "Garfield" around our apartment. Look quick before he has me delete them. (Hopefully he won't.)

Here's the pattern: She really has great instructions! I already had this fabric, so my straps have a right and wrong side when you tie the knot. I still like how it turned out. The wonderful thing about this carrier is it can be used as both a front and back pack. Of course you can't carry the baby in the back hold until it has good head control (about 6 months old). Also, the babies legs would be sticking out around Matthew's waist. The tie goes under the baby's bottom to make a little seat. Garfield just wasn't tall enough. I added two loops to hang toys or keys from on the left and right sides. The pocket is big enough for a diaper and adds a little padding for the baby.

Matthew has to sleep during the day because he works overnight one day a week. For the last two months we have talked about investing in blackout drapes. I say invest because of how crazy expensive they are. I finally decided to purchase inexpensive curtains and then attach my own panel of blackout fabric to the back. I finished them today and I think they look great!

While at the fabric store yesterday, Matthew picked out some fabric for a flannel receiving blanket for his boy. Here's the final product:


cassandra and zachary said...

Look at you! What a productive little gal you are. You're nesting. Just kidding...I don't even know what that really means. Matty is so cute and funny in his hiking pose. Can't wait to see you and the fetal version of baby graham.

Tiffany Rose said...

How cute! Can I put dibs on a Mei Tai when I eventually have a baby?!?!? You're so creative, I'm totally impressed! :)

Matthew and Lindsay said...

I think it is so funny how everyone is calling "him" by different names. Maybe we will actually decide on one soon. I can't wait to see you. Looks like we will be spending the month of July in OK, but should be home by the time you move home.

Tiff, I would love to make you a mei tai. Just pick out some fabric! Two yards of the tall decorator fabric is just the right amount.

Matt Stumpf said...

Matt you look so fabulous in that backpack thingy. HA! I hope you guys are doing awesome!! Give us a call sometime to catch up. God Bless...

cassandra and zachary said...

Oh wowzers, Lin. I just saw a commercial for LOST....which is on TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Hooray!