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The Name Game

Why does it have to be so hard to pick out a name for your offspring? "It's going to stick with him the rest of his life." "It might be a source of agony in his life." These are just a few statments you hear just after the question: Have you decided on a name yet? I tell you, that's a lot of pressure. Matthew and I are both middle name kids, so we know how important a name is. No offense Moms and Dads. We both love our names. I feel a little unique because of it. It still throws me when I'm asked to spell my first name. It just doesn't sound right, I really have to think about it as I spell it aloud. So to get to the point: We have narrowed our list. I would love feedback on these, but understand that we get the final say. It's not a democratic voting process you are participating in. Still I would LOVE some comments good or bad, I'll be thick skinned. In no particular order:

Graham Edward
Cotton Edward
Dallas Edward
Morgan Edward

Obviously Edward is important to us. Matthew's grandfather's name was Edward. I would even take other suggestions at this point. A post just isn't the same without pictures so I threw in a 23 week shot just after our appointment today. I hope everyone enjoys "opening season" of LOST tonight! Matthew and I will be glued with pizza in hand!


Tiffany Rose said...

I like Graham Edward! Cute little kid name, but could also be a lawyer or doctor's name! :)
oh and you look OH SO CUTE!

Matt and Rachel said...

They are all beautiful! But, I think we like Graham the best. :) Boys names are hard, I think, but you've picked some great ones.

What did you guys think of LOST!!!! We're totally hooked, too.


cassandra and zachary said...

Lindsay, Have you been eating healthy?'ve really gained some weight. You look kind of...well...pregnant. Sorry to be the barer of bad news. :) Graham is still my favorite. But, if you name him Cotton, he and I will have the same initials. Also, no questions answered on LOST, only new ones have arisen. But, it sure was exciting. Can't wait to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I like Graham and Morgan the best. You look so cute!! :)

carrie miller said...

I too like just seems to fit you guys. My next fav would have to be Morgan, followed by Dallas. I am a little afraid that you guys will have a cotton-top with Matthew's light hair and then the a little Cotton Edward would be teased and you would have to answer whether you named him for his hair...and yes, people do ask dumb questions like that! There is my 2 cents!
And again, I echo the look too cute!

The Bittles said...

Okay I was going to say Graham before I read any of these comments. Looks like a favorite to many. It sounds great. Hope you are doing good--my husband and yours are friends from Harding. I have met you, but it has been awhile. Found your blog on Sara Jo's (I think).

Sara said...

Okay, Lindsey...first of all, we are due around the same time and I WISH that I LOOKED LIKE YOU!! Girl, you look so cute and little, unlike my big self who refuses to put pictures on my blog of me!! I like Grahm, its unique and different!
Sara Jo

K.J. & Sammie said...

My vote is for looks like that is the popular choice by others as well. Graham Horner...just sounds good together. Ultimately it is up to ya'll. So much to you like the sound of the name, can you hear yourself calling him by that name, what is the teasing potential, will the name grow up with him? Decisions, Decisions! Love you guys...You look great Lindsay!