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Horner Christmas!
We had the best Christmas yet in Huntsville! We started something new with this side of the family. We are doing a rotating gift.... We each buy a gift for the little kids, but the adults no longer buy for each other. We rotate responsibilities instead. Shannan and Robin provided the MOVIE this year, Santa Clause 3. Jana brought the GAME. It was called Finish Line and was a blast. You had to finish famous quotes, songs, lines from movies, and famous literature lines. All of the adults really enjoyed themselves. Mr. and Mrs. Horner brought the INTERESTING DRINK. Sodas this year! Matthew and I were responsible for the INTERESTING SNACK. We made beggar's purses. These are crescent rolls filled with sausage and cream cheese. They were delicious. Each year your name gets moved down the list so that you are only bringing a movie every four years. It was really fun! Christmas for us is all about spending time with each other so the gift ends up being just that; a time set aside to watch a movie, play a game, and eat and drink a little snack together. We are really looking forward to sharing more time together next year. I'll leave you with a little slide show from the weekend. Merry Christmas everyone!


Terry Austin said...

When were the airing of the grievances and the feats of strength?