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Finally in Business!!

Mom, aren't you so proud? This is my new dinning room. Won't be eating at this table the whole time we are in OK.

I finished my very first "taggie." Sooo ExCiTeD!! I am also working on decorative burp rags for a craft show in November. Can't wait!!

The back is a very light purple chenille. The front is a printed lime cotton. Love it!!!! I am so glad that my mom was able to share her talent and love for crafts with me. I like to think I'm blessed with the same talent. Thinking about naming my crafts for contact info....Lindsay Lou and Babies Too....What do you think? Have anything better??? Have a great day everyone!!

**Update 3:52pm I finished EIGHT today!!!


Anonymous said...

What's a "taggie?"

Anonymous said...

anonymous is ME...Shannan

cassandra and zachary said...

hey!! Those taggies are soooo cute. Your color coordinating is PERFECT! And I love the randomness of the ribbons. Let me and Zach keep thinking on this Lindsay Lou and Babies Too business. Your husband is a good man and he's our friend...that was a reference to the previous post. P.S. what size shoe does he wear?

Matthew and Lindsay said...

A. a "taggie" is like a "night night" with ribbons to play with. You know how babies love to suck on the tags of their blankets?

B. Matthew wears a 10 1/2 depending on the shoe.

3. I agree that he's a good man, I'll keep him.

Tiffany Rose said...

so cute! I want one when I have a baby! :)

Matthew and Lindsay said...

And that you will have...Tiff!!!