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Alpaca Farm

"Where they plant em and grow em big!"

My Mom, Dad and brother came to visit us this weekend!! For all of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting my father, he is quite a character with many quirks. On Saturday morning he got up @ 4 am, while everyone else was sleeping, mind you. He drove to the nearest Denny's, read the entire Oklahoma newspaper, (Of which I don't even know what the title is after being here almost a month.) ate breakfast, drove downtown to the OKC National Memorial, (before the sun was up) then called me at 8am because he couldn't get back into the apartment. This is very normal for him. We just smile and expect donuts. We have come to accept these quirks as blessings. This weekend's blessing consisted of participating in the annual Oklahoma Alpaca Ranch Day. My mom loves knitting and has just recently purchased a spinning wheel so she is very intrigued by animals that produce fibers. It would not surprise me if my dad went out and bought some acres to start "Nana" her own sheep/alpaca ranch someday in the near future. Those of you that know my dad also know that he is an expert in many areas and if he doesn't know something he makes up a very believable story. (Glad we have access to wikipedia or I would feel like Adam Sandler in Waterboy! Ask Nick about Wiki.) Well I think Dad might have met his match here in OKC. The man pictured above was the king of Alpaca information. We really had a ton of fun learning about: fibers, reproduction, luster, preemie alpacas, orgles, humming, prosthetics, communal voiding, and nursing.

This is Nick's reaction to the "rancher" telling us that alpaca fibers are used to make men's high fashioned suits. We then went on to make up creative uses of Alpaca fibers. I think my favorite was the $500 knitted tie, or the cat fiber sweater.
This is a picture of a 7 month old preemie. He was bottle fed so he was very friendly. We really had a fantastic time and I am so glad that my father is so spontaneous. Thanks for making the long drive to come see us! A huge thanks to Nick for the awesome brunch on Sunday. You guys are the best! We REALLY missed you Miss Caroline! Good luck on your test!


cassandra and zachary said...

oh wow! how funny is that? i am so jealous. how in the WORLD did you find an alpaca ranch in OK and what a winderful coincidence that the annual event was the weekend they came for a visit. Hey, are you going to join he Curtons and the Kenleys on their WV road trip? I REALLY wish you would.

cassandra and zachary said...

P.S. that last picture's vantage point reminds me of the little boy that used to live next door to us in maumelle...the one who played with the zipper on dad's pants while he was concentrating on not stuttering while he was telling dad a very important story. "Hey 'member that time you was jumpin' on the bed and i was readin' the biiiiible?"

Matthew and Lindsay said...

Oh wow! I didn't want to take the time to crop. Guess I should have! Hillarious story...Did dad just let the little boy play with his zipper? That's a little uncomfortable... Would love a WV trip, but still not sure. 10 year reunion is that weekend??

Anonymous said...

Ok, I've got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. It's only 7:30 in the morning! You know I'm not a morning person! I had to read the post first before I realized that the first picture wasn't of Pat hugging the Alpaca. You're dad is hilarious! His antics are so funny! :) Hey, we've decided that we're going to my cousin's wedding the weekend of the reunion. :( It was hard to make that decision. So......we won't be there. Have you decided to go? I hate that I'm going to miss you! I miss you tons!! Love, Shauri