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Keystone Sings

By the way we live in the Keystone state hence the name for this special song service. A whole bunch of the area c of cs get together to SING praises to God. It was awesome! The best worship experience I have had since moving here. Probably more my own heart than anything. There were 245 people which is huge for here. It was reminiscent of home. I almost lost my voice tonight. Why is it that we can't do that every service, giving our best and singing at the top of our lungs?? I think that is why I look forward to Zoe so much each year. When you pack in 1200 people that are excited about worship it turns into a heavenly experience. I know that it is hard to have that kind of zeal all of the time but I know that God would appreciate our whole hearts. I am rededicating myself to Him and will no longer whine about how worship just didn't do it for me this morning, because we sang 728b for the fourth Sunday in a row. It isn't about me or even my brothers and sisters in Christ. It is ALL about CHRIST. Sorry for the rant, looking forward to this weekend!