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P.F. Chang

Our second night in Nashville, we ate with all the Horner kids and some friends from Florence, AL. This was our first time at P.F. Matthew and I decided to split the Mu Shu Chicken. It was fabulous! At the end of the meal the fortune cookies arrived as usual, but what happened next was VERY interesting. My fortune said A letter of great importance may reach you any day now Matthew's said You will never need to worry about a steady income. As most of you already know almost a year ago we left our family farm and I turned in my teacher's manuals to pursue a new career path. We really felt like God was leading us down this new path, although it wasn't what we had always dreamed of for our family. The next hoop we are waiting to jump through is the actual graduation from the college initiative. Then comes the wait for the infamous letter from the FAA. After we receive that we will be waiting for the call to report to Oklahoma. In the meantime we will need to find temporary jobs at home to sustain us. Does God speak through fortune cookies? Matthew and I both laughed really hard as we traded the fortunes at the table. Our question is where can we turn these in????


"The Activist" said...

PF Chang's was great. But where is Lindsay in this picture - and where is the matching clothing pix?? :)

And btw, we have eaten at an eat n park, and I remember the cookies and the steeler jerseys!

It was good to see you guys - hang in there - we know what it's like being off on your own. It does you good later in life though - at least it has us thus far. Plus, you have lots of stories of things no one else knows about.

Glad to find the blog. Will continue to read...keep those posts coming!

Matthew and Lindsay said...

Shannan ran off before we could snap the matching clothes pic. Sorry, maybe we can set up a fake at Christmas!