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Weekend with the kids......

They loved wrestling with Uncle Matty at Aunt Jana's apartment.

Jackson so proud of Buzz Lightyear!!

Belle was not ready for us to leave.

We had an awesome Saturday night with the kids. Matthew and I took Belle with us to pick up the pizza and BAR-B-QUE!! (it's been awhile) She always sings Kelly Clarkston's Breakaway when she rides with Matty. It is precious. Lil did her own show and got lots of laughs for saying "Grandaddy." Jackson was creative as usual, he turned a suction cup into an impression of a bull. He also made Buzz climb the glass door over and over. They are growing up so fast. I am looking forward to living closer to them and seeing our own kids love to play with their cousins.


Anonymous said...

What fun! I love the pics! We're ready for you guys to be closer to us too. We miss you!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the post!!
We had a great weekend too. Not much longer......
How's the custard?!@#$$%%^^ :)

shannan said...

i'm anonymous!!
don't tell anyone! HA

Hicks Family said...

Hi Horners! We are so glad we found your blog so we can keep up with you. Great to hear you are doing well. It's nice being is such a close family, so where are you living now? We don't get much news in GA! Good Luck with school. Look forward to seeing you soon.
John, Melissa and Kayden Hicks