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Today's Project!

I think it turned out too big. :( I'll get Matthew's opinion when he gets home from work. This is what we are going to use as a "diaper stacker" on our pack and play changing table. I've also included a picture of twenty-nine weeks!! Eleven to go!! We are really starting to get things in order for our sweet boy. If only we could decide on a name for the poor kid.

The colors on the pack and play and the stacker look better together in person. I guess the flash changed the colors a little.


Anonymous said...

Love the diaper stacker and your belly!! xoxoxo

Matt and Rachel said...

So good to see you guys last week! You look so cute pregnant!

Anonymous said...

So great to hear you all are expecting. You will be great parents. Your little boy will certainly be blessed. I haven't heard from you all in a while, but I got your blog address from Kevin and Jenni Chism. I'm glad everything is going well.
I enjoyed the pics of your family.
Can't wait to see the pics of your little one. Just for the record, I vote for Graham Edward.
Phyllis Howard

cassandra and zachary said...

I LOVED hanging out with you. Your diaper stacker is oh so cute. I'm always impressed with your new sewing adventures. Miss you alredy. Thank you again for the airport help.

Anonymous said...

you look so blissful & beautiful. i love the stacker. you are so talented. i have a little boy pattern for you to borrow. i think matthew will approve. it was great to see you the other day. hope you didn't catch anything.