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Cirque Du Soleil

Matthew and I just got back form the best birthday date ever! We spent the afternoon eating on Beale and watching the matinee of Saltimbanco. We ate at Rum Boogie Cafe on the corner right by the FedEx Forum. We got the sampler platter, which was fantastic! The catfish was amazing. We also had gator gumbo, red beans and rice, ribs, and pulled pork. I splurged and had sweet tea. That's all the caffeine I can have this week.

The show was fantastic! We had seats on the club level. This meant padded stadium seats! I was very lucky to get isle seats. Yeah for bathroom breaks!

This was my favorite part. There were four women flying through the air on bungees choreographed to a live opera singer. Absolutely beautiful!

This was my second favorite part. The Chinese poles. Here they were representing skyscrapers. Everything was timed so perfectly. I wonder how many hours they practice? The picture below was Matthew's least favorite part.
It was a little uncomfortable for him. (He said it was a little too European.) I was just amazed by their strength. What kind of neck muscles does one have to have to hold up a grown man? Matthew's favorite parts of coarse are not pictured on Cirque's web site and you can't take pictures at the show. He loved the Russian Swing and the Juggler the best. It was just an amazing show! I am so glad that they came to crazy Memphis!


cassandra and zachary said...

How cool. The husband award has been stripped from Zachary's hands and is awarded to Matthew this week. What a fun birthday party and all your favorite people were, Matty, Graham, and crazy europeans. Speaking did Graham do? Was it too noisy or did he sleep through it?

Chism Family said...

Mr. Horner,

You are a hard man to find. This is Kevin Chism. I was happy to find your blog on blogspot and catch up on everything you have been doing. Congrats on the child to be. They will bless your life like you cannot imagine. Our blogspot is Chismfamily5 so check it out and we can get caught up. I have missed you buddy. God Bless.