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Happy Valentines Day!

Matthew came home from work @ 6:30 this morning with these beautiful tulips and breakfast in tow. Tulips are my favorite flowers! These are almost the same color as my wedding bouquet.

This is my favorite breakfast from a little resturant in Chippewa, PA called the Red Onion Grill. It's called stuffed french toast. There is a thick slice of cream cheese between those two layers. The whipped cream and berries just add to the deliciousness. Matthew also made bacon and eggs. It was the best V-day breakfast ever.

Matthew's gift was a little slideshow set to music. He loved it! Here's one of the pictures from my little photo shoot. I hope everyone else had a great day too!


Tiffany Rose said...

You are TOO cute! I want to do a photography shoot with you.... man I wish we were closer!

Zachary said...

I stared at that picture of you for such a long doesn't even look like you because I haven't gotten to see you in person with that belly at all yet. What photo shoot is that? Did you take that picture of yourself? Matty is such a sweetheart. Love the tulips!
p.s. shhh....where did your pants go?

Kathy (Cass's M-I-L said...

You look just adorable! You are getting closer to Baby Day. How fantastic for you. Babies LOVE strawberries, I'm sure. I'm pretty sure they love cream cheese too. We'll keep up with you through Zach and Cass and with your blog.