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Six Weeks

I can't believe you have been in our home for 42 nights. You are beginning to sleep 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours at a time at night, but only if you are swaddled. Your favorite way to go to sleep is listening to the bathroom fan, facing out, swaying in front of the big bathroom mirror. You still love bath time especially with your daddy before church. You love to go check the mail in your sling, it puts you right to sleep. Your just starting to smile and coo at us. Your favorite awake time is for about an hour around 8am. We went to visit Dr. S today! Mommy has lost 22lbs. and has been freed to exercise. Look out world the walking is about to start! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stroller, if it isn't too hot. We love you Graham and are so filled with joy. We are so glad God lets us have you for a little while.

Thanks Miss Annette and Mr. Phil, we love the new play quilt! One day it will be our big boy bed quilt, if we don't wear it out first.


Elizabeth said...

Look at his hair in the picture on the quilt! You are going to have to cut it soon! :)

cassandra and zachary said...

You are such a sweet mommy. Thank you so much for already teaching me so much about caring for a sweet gift from God. He is precious to us. And thank you for keeping me updated.