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1/2 Birthday
I can't believe you are 6 months old today! You are such a blessing to your daddy and me. We can't thank God enough for letting you join our family. You have already brought such joy to us. You have melted our hearts, sweet boy. I want to list a few things about you so that I won't forget.

1. I love the way you death grip my shirt while you are nursing. (I tell you all the time that I won't put you down before your ready, but still I have to pry your little fingers open every time I put you down to sleep.)
2. I love the way you listen to books at bedtime until you start rubbing your head on the sheets to tell me your finished and ready for sleep.
3. I love the squeal you make when you are playing with your feet.
4. I love to see your face when Daddy walks in every afternoon.
5. I love how you babble in the morning to let us know your ready to start another day.
6. I love how you can sit and play by yourself.
7. I love how you chase the duck around the bathtub using your hands and feet to catch him.
8. I love that you enjoy being outside more than in.
9. I love how you already reach for me.
10. I love that you know what you want, even though it makes it harder for me.
11. I love your smile when we take off your socks or let you be naked for a little while.
12. I love that you relax when I unsnap your jeans.
13. I love your thighs!!
14. I love the way you smile and dive in when you haven't nursed in awhile.
15. I love that you raise your eyebrow just like your daddy.
16. I love the way you study objects and people.
17. I love the way you pat my leg when I sit next to you on the floor. (Like your making sure I am still there.)
18. I love the way you slurp down Tylenol when your teeth are hurting.
19. I love the way you laugh at your daddy.
20. I love your monkey toes.
We love you with all of our hearts! Happy Half Birthday little boy! To celebrate we are going to the Bird's for chili and smores.


cassandra and zachary said...

Man, have you got a cool kid, or what? Those pictures are precious of him, Lin. You're a great mom. I love to read about what Graham is doing and hear you describe his personality. I don't get to see him enough.