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I Really Miss My Daddy!!!
(a post "written" by Graham)

We have been at Nana and Pap's for a few days. I am really starting to rock when I am on hands and knees. I think I'll wait till Daddy gets here to show everyone how awesome I am.

Look what Nana made me! This sweater is really keeping me warm. It was in the teens when we woke up on Monday and we had freezing rain today. I ate lunch with Pap today and chomped on a carrot. It really felt good on my gums. I can't wait till these teeth break through. Maybe they will give me some real food instead of this old rice cereal. I hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families!!!! I can't wait to see my Dad on Thursday. Love you!


Tiffany said...

Check out "portfolio" (at the top of the page), then "babies" in the middle of the page!

There's a pretty cute little new model on the page! :)

They are all finished and I need your address.... if you could, send it to and I'll be happy to get the DVD in the mail.

Hope you like what you see and feel free to post, print or do whatever with any of them! :)

cassandra and zachary said...

Oh Graham, I think it's awesome that you learned to read and write before you learned to speak. Maybe I should report you to Hollywood so that they can start making "Baby Genius 2-Farm Boy Goes to MIT." I'd see it. I'm just saying.

What's the deal with this weekend? Do we have plans or not?

Matthew and Lindsay said...

Too funny! Love for you to come!!!!

Hicks Family said...

what a cute and happy little boy!