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High Ho Silver, Away!

This video is pretty funny! Graham loves to hit his pony to make it go! Graham is really a lot of fun these days.

Here is a little seven month update: He is rolling all over the living room to get to the toys he wants. He is trying really hard to get on hands and knees and rocks till he falls over. He gets upset when you take a toy away. Not much for the trade either. He is trying to pull up on the aquarium and mirror. He loves to talk to himself in the mirror and play "Where's Graham." His squeal really cracks us up. He loves his daddy to tickle him. This last week, he has nursed every 2 hours at night. We are all hoping it is just the teeth he is working on. He loves to sleep on his tummy in the crib. If he is sleeping with us he still likes his back. Crawling Pooh is his favorite toy right now. He smiles so big each time Pooh takes off. We can't wait to see what Graham will accomplish this month.