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Abraham and Sarah....
We were talking about Abram and Sarai last night at church and it is really funny to me how much our lives are paralleling the lives of these great characters of faith. I wouldn't even start to compare my faith to that of Sarah, but with God we were able to "leave your home, your relatives, and your father's house, and go to the land that I will show you(Gen. 12:1)." After selling most of our worldly possessions we kissed our family goodbye and God showed us Pittsburgh, PA. Which Matthew would say is like going to another country, because of how far it is from home. We still have faith that God is planning something BIG! Sometimes I wonder were we will end up next. In just 30 days Matthew has to fill out the paperwork listing the five places we would be willing to move to. Please pray for us that we will be listening and looking for God in this decision. For some reason we don't think that ATC really has anything to do with God's plan. Pray that the community we will be moving to will be ready for us and that we will be aware of how God wants us to serve him in that new community. My hope is that part of God's plan is that we will get to start our own family soon. But if we end up anything like Abraham and Sarah we aren't scheduled to have a baby for another 24 years. Abraham left home at seventy-five and had Isaac at ninety-nine. Lets all hope that this isn't God's plan for us, because I think I would just give up. Boy listen to that lack of faith. PRAY FOR ME


cassandra and zachary said...

goodness linny, i think you guys are really something. zach and i have been praying for you and will continue to do so. it will be easier to have something more specific to pray for than our current, "God, please help Lindsay and Matthew go and do what you need of them." We love you and are really looking forward to seeing you next week...if you can make it.

Tiffany Rose said...

Will you be attending Thanksgiving at the Haugh's this year?!?! Hope to see you there!!