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6 Months and counting...

We are coming closer to watching God's plan unfold. Just as I was beginning to lose hope..... I had a really rough week and was very teary about where our future was going. This morning I went with Matthew fishing and got a really bad sun burn. When we got home I took a nap. Matthew came upstairs to see if I was awake yet with the news that we had received another e-mail today from the FAA. Yeah God!!! This e-mail was to make sure that he is STILL interested in the job somewhere in the state of Tennessee. At least it is narrowed down this far. The next step will be an interview at the Memphis airport. The e-mail was very specific about it possibly taking 6 months from now until we are on the job. So it looks like we might be in Paragould till Christmas. What a crazy two year road we will have been on!!!