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Date Night!
We are really taking advantage of our last weekend in OKC. Matthew will be back on his regular schedule and OVERTIME Graham and I were dressed and waiting on the porch for a date. We went to my favorite place (besides The Melting Pot) The Cheesecake Factory. We started with Chicken Pot Stickers and bread. Matthew ordered a Filet. I enjoyed Orange Chicken. Then for the only reason you go to the "Factory:" DESSERT!!! We both ordered coffee to go with our cheesecakes. Matthew actually had Apple Crisp A La Mode. I had the best Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. Yum Yum! My sweet husband also ordered the brand new Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake to take home. He knew I was having trouble deciding, so just get both. Isn't that the answer when you can't make a decision? Our sweet boy fell asleep on the way to the restaurant and he woke up when our awesome waitress brought the bill!! He really is the best, isn't he? Matthew and I laughed about what a great date it was. You wouldn't have even known Graham was there. It's funny though because we were so excited to see him when he did open those beautiful blue eyes. I'm so glad he was with us!
After our tummies were filled with too much cheesecake.
Graham and Matthew after a great nap.
Graham got a lot of attention from our wonderful waitress. He was in such a good mood when he woke up.

Tune in tomorrow for a trip to the Cowboy Museum.......


Elizabeth said...

Yeah, yeah. So when will you be home???:)

Matthew and Lindsay said...

Wednesday! Yippee! Can't wait to see everyone!