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Look What I Made!
I made this on a Sunday afternoon. I hope to get Graham's 3 month portraits taken in this outfit (even though he will be four months old this week, yikes). A huge thanks to my friend Elizabeth for doing the monogramming. It turned out great! I thought I better snap a few pictures of him just in case I never get around to the formal pictures. Now for a silly story: Graham wore this to church today in OKC. I put a bib on him right after he ate, because we have been having a lot of spit up lately. Which is quite silly since I wanted everyone to see his awesome initials beaming on his chest. I took G to get a cup of coffee, where three elderly women then proceeded to tell me what a sweet beautiful little girl I had. I didn't have the heart to correct them. I guess the bib looked like a big collar or pinafore. He was dressed in all blue including the bib and socks, with the most "boy like" tricycles they make. I think he is pretty cute too, but I don't think he looks girly. We have had several people comment on our "little girl." What's the deal really????
Can't you just hear the cackle in this picture? Really it was more of a squeal I guess.
Elizabeth Rocks!!!!! I told Graham all about how I made this outfit just for him. "No one else can wear it. It wouldn't make any sense because it has your name on it." He just giggled all through my monologue.
"Look at those rubber bands the people forgot to take off my arms."
I think he really looks like a Curton here. I'm so sad after I washed it the buttons turned yellow. So much for cheap Wal-Mart buttons. $0.68 come on your not supposed to change colors on me. Now I have an excuse to go to Hancock's. Maybe I'll go for blue this time.


cassandra and zachary said...

What a precious little boy. He gets cuter and cuter everyday. The older he gets, the more I think he looks like Matthew. Which is a super-good thing. Missing you. WIsh I could join the gang in OKC this weekend. LOVE!