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Happy Belated Birthday!!

We had a great week with Mom and Dad!! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write about it. Mom and Dad flew in on Wednesday night and stayed with us to celebrate Cassandra, Matthew, and Zach's birthdays!! On Thursday morning we met Cassandra in Dover, OH to do the "amish loop." It was great Mom was in heaven looking at all of the crafts. It was a little more commercialized than we expected. A lot of the souvenirs were made in china and we expected more local flavor. We played in Parkersburg for the next three days. Mom got to learn how to spin on a spinning wheel. I got the scrapbooking bug. (which is why I haven't blogged lately) We watched Zach's awesome soccer game! Drank lots of coffee ate lots of pizza and played dominoes. On Sunday we worshipped at New Brighton and then waited for Cassandra and Zach to drive up so we could go to "Shaker Town." It's a Christmas crafts festival!! My parents pulled one of their fantastic suprises as you can see in the pictures! Cassandra's absolute favorite ice cream is Yarnell's she got hooked long before Harding! Mom called about a week before their visit to see if I could be a detective. I called Cassandra all excited about some "rocky road" ice cream I had eaten, which I had not, but made a great lead in to my question of what her favorite flavors are. She didn't think this was to out of the ordinary I'm sure because of how passionate I can be about certain kinds of food. Mom then proceeded to call Yarnell's to ask about a possible delivery. They quoted her $200 for three gallons shipped overnight. Instead of ordering Mom prodded some questions about exactly how they would pack it to deliver it. She learned everything and got off the phone confidant that she could pull it off. They bought a special cooler and dry ice and called the airlines to get it all approved. When they arrived at to airport TSA acted like they weren't going to let them check it but Dad did some smooth talking to make his baby girl's birthday special!! My parents are the coolest and I love how they surprise us over and over again.


cassandra and zachary said...

mmmmmm yarnellllllls.....(drool)
yay! mom and dad!...(super-big smile)
tsk tsk. tricky lindsay (shaking my pointer finger at you.