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I have fallen in love! It has taken awhile to jump on the bandwagon but boy am I glad I am on it now!! My mom and sister have been doing this form of art for awhile, I always thought that I didn't have time. God has truly blessed me this year with time. I have so enjoyed the time to just be still. Not only have I gotten to start new hobbies (scrapbooking) but I have actually had time to just sit and read. Matthew and I have started walking this year. Not only is it good for our hearts and bodies, but it has made us so much closer.

Talking, even if it is about the weather or what we each did that day has just made our relationship that much deeper. My favorite walks are when we get to actually share our dreams with each other. This just wouldn't happen or even come up while sitting on the couch watching TV. I highly recommend making "family walks" a priority in your life. Well I got way off my subject but I guess I was just speaking from the heart this morning. I'll just leave you with a little glimpse of the book I made for Matthew this week. It's his Christmas present so all of you will get to see the whole thing when he opens it at Christmas. I'm also working on a book almost like a journal of our adventure in Pennsylvania. Have a great day everyone.