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HaPpY TuRkEy DaY!!!

Things I am thankful for......

  • Jesus's blood that cleanses me everyday
  • My husband that adores me
  • My fantastic family although we were so far away today
  • The Haughs for being Christ and taking us in today as one of their own
  • The year that Matthew and I have gotten to explore and experience the state of Pennsylvania
  • My ability to work, and work hard
  • The power of prayer
  • ALL of my nieces and nephews
  • The days that we get to see the sun in Beaver County
  • Our church family
  • Sleep
  • I only have twenty nights before I get to sleep on my Tempur-Pedic mattress again
  • milk and cheese (or dairy cows)

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with the Haugh family in West Virginia. I just want to say that God has truly blessed my little sister with the best in-laws. The family that she has married into couldn't be a better example of Jesus living in us. They were so generous to invite us to be a part of their holiday. I can't thank them enough for making us feel right at home. The bed was awesome, the food was spectacular, the fellowship was phenomenal, and we felt very loved!! Thank you Haugh family. We hope to see you again soon.


Justin and Shauri said...

So glad you had a good Thanksgiving in spite of being away from the majority of your family. We'll be glad to have you guys closer soon. Take care! Love you, Shauri

cassandra and zachary said...

You made Mama Haugh cry. I love you. thank you for the best game of kickball in the history of thanksgiving.

Tiffany Rose said...

I'm so glad you all were there with us! The game Friday night was GREAT!!!

Justin and Shauri said...

I'm ready for a NEW post! I know you guys have been crazy busy but I miss knowing what you guys are up to. Hope things are going well. Post when you get a chance. Love you both! Shauri

cassandra and zachary said...

come on now. november? seriously? pony up already.