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Well I feel a little like Kate from LOST! Matthew, Cassandra, Zach, and I decided to go camping Saturday night. There are many stories that could be told from this endeavor but I will only share one. We were all cozy inside our little tents under many many layers of clothing and blankets. There was a very interesting rustling sound followed by a ripping sound. I didn't have
much energy seeing as it was 2:30 in the morning, but we thought we should investigate.
Matthew told me to open the window (just in case.) I shined the light on the picnic table and saw that our bag of trash was now on the ground. A friendly raccoon wanted some of our treats. Zach and Cassandra braved the cold and put all of our goodies back inside the Pathfinder. We were all back inside our tents burrowing in our covers. About two hours later we heard what sounded like a stampede of sorts. This time I was so tired I didn't even care. At 5:30 Matthew decided he had had enough cold and got up to make a fire. Although Cassandra and Zach were still inside their tent we were talking and laughing about all the excitement we had had the night before. Zach said "Hey did you hear those deer that ran through our camp this morning?" Matthew said "I'm not so sure it was deer. Get out here and look at this." We all unzipped and jumped out as fast as we could. There were two random horses standing just outside our camp. It was very eerie to see what you would think were wild horses. Now I know how Kate felt staring at her black horse on the island... Later in the morning Matthew worked his horse whisperer magic and bonded with "Vondergren" the brown horse. That's how I was able to get the picture. More about the trip later....


Justin and Shauri said...

That is too funny! That reminds me of the time John Julian, Heather Gregg, Justin, and I all went camping. It was sooooo cold! I thought I was going to die. Then I ended up getting the stomach flu and Justin had to keep pulling over on the side of the road! Ha! I'll never forget that trip! It's good to hear that you guys made some good memories if anything! :) Have a great day! Love you, Shauri

cassandra and zachary said...
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cassandra and zachary said...

first of all...sooo fun.
secondly, i shall not stand for such blasphemy: zach and i drive a fabulous car made by the toyota company called a 4-RUNNER. Not a stupid pathfinder.
p.s. matty, please tell vondergren that i am no longer afraid of him and would like a ride sometime if he's not busy.
p.p.s. zach says, "hey matt, we've got some deer tied up fer bye. um.. i love you. no, i mean i really love you."

Anonymous said...

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